• 06/06/2022

A Comprehensive Self-Care Checklist for Beginners

A Comprehensive Self-Care Checklist for Beginners

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Self-care can seem tricky. There are many ways to try it and so many things to do that people often feel overwhelmed trying to get their mental and physical health back on track. Use this self-care checklist to make the process easier. You’ll learn what you’re good at and what you can work on.

1. Did You Get Enough Sleep?

It’s challenging to accomplish any task when you don’t get enough sleep. Your mind needs seven or more hours per night to reset and prepare for the next day. Reflecting on your previous night’s routine and adjusting your bedtime as needed is an excellent first task to add to your self-care checklist.

2. Are You Eating Healthy Meals?

You’ll feel less like yourself if your diet focuses on junk food, sugary treats and processed carbs. Check-in with yourself while preparing meals or thinking about what to eat for a snack. Adding a few more fresh fruits and vegetables or organic foods could provide the nutrients you need to feel more grounded.

Protein will ground your blood sugar so you don’t have to deal with mood swings. Vitamin D could be what you need to prevent your daily anxiety attacks if you’re currently struggling with anxiety. You can always talk with a nutritionist to determine what your diet does or doesn’t need.

3. Did You Take Care of Your Body?

Going through the motions of basic hygiene is an essential part of self-care routines. Ask yourself when you last took a shower or washed your face.

Substituting those things for dry shampoo or a cleansing face wipe isn’t a sign of failure. Minor changes can still help you feel better. Sometimes as simple as using a face serum will hydrate your dry skin, balance discoloration or prevent breakouts. You only have to use it a few times per week, so it’s another one of the low-key ways to take care of yourself.

4. Are You Stopping Negative Self-Talk?

No amount of expensive products or organic food will improve your life if negative thoughts always weigh down your mind. Meditate for a moment and think about what a friend or family member would say if they heard your stream of consciousness out loud. Catching negative thoughts that don’t carry any truth will help you reconnect with your self-esteem and fall back in love with yourself.

5. Have You Been Getting Exercise?

Everyone needs a bit of movement, but that’s challenging if your depression, stress or other mental health condition keeps you under a blanket. Whether you walk to your mailbox or go for a jog, checking off a quick round of exercise on your self-care checklist will maintain your physical strength and improve your mood.

6. Are You Caught Up With Housework?

When you feel overwhelmed, housework becomes much less important. A comprehensive self-care checklist should include a note to reflect on your housework. Try doing dishes a few times each week, taking the trash out every couple of days and washing dishes to prevent mold growth in your sink.

If you can’t complete that much housework during this time in your life, don’t worry. Make a rough plan to tackle it gradually. Setting goals is an essential self-care skill because it creates healthy long-term goals.

7. Have You Enjoyed Your Hobby?

Stress will overwhelm anyone who doesn’t get to do something fun every day. Set aside time to do whichever hobby makes you happy. You could also try something new that alleviates mental health symptoms like singing, coloring or making clay sculptures. You’ll redirect your thoughts, create something new and feel a pleasant sense of accomplishment. 

8. Did You Connect With a Loved One?

It’s all too easy to go days or weeks without talking to a friend or family member if you have a demanding job or school schedule. Isolation can affect your physical and mental health, so schedule a phone call or two with loved ones every week. It’s a form of self-care because you’ll feel less alone and get to laugh for a bit.

Try This Self-Care Checklist

Anyone can use these tips to make a self-care checklist for themselves. Think about which of these ideas would make your life better and try adding them to your routine one at a time. You’ll get used to the new activities and find that your life is better because you’re taking care of yourself.

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