• 02/07/2023

10 Popular Houseplants to Make Your Home a Green Oasis

The Most Popular Houseplants

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Plants add new life to any living space, but they aren’t always easy to grow. Check out some of the most popular houseplants to find the best match for your gardening skills without wasting time or money.

1. Monstera Deliciosa

You’ll likely recognize the monstera deliciosa from Pinterest pages. The wide leaves with long holes form a large plant that requires little watering. Just keep your pets away from this plant, since it’s poisonous to cats and dogs when ingested.

2. Pilea Peperomiodes

The pilea peperomiodes plant is also known as the Chinese money plant. It’s small and features circular leaves that thrive in indirect sunlight. Place it in a hanging basket to fill empty, tall spaces.

3. Mini Jade Plant

Bohemian desks and farmhouse counters would benefit from a mini jade plant. It’s hardy enough to survive for a month without water. As long as cats and dogs stay away from the poisonous leaves, this plant could become your favorite piece of decor.

4. Spider Plant

People love the long, bushy leaves of the spider plant for a few reasons. They fill empty corners and purify the air. Hang it in a woven basket or place it on a bookshelf for an extra pop of color in your home.

5. Asparagus Fern

There’s something whimsical and dreamy about the feathery leaves on an asparagus fern plant. They love direct sunlight and lots of water. It’s another plant that’s easy to grow and has a unique appearance, but pet owners should know it’s also poisonous to curious cats and dogs.

6. Air Plants

There are numerous air plant species you can choose from to fit your home’s aesthetic. The dry bundles fit in most tiny containers and terrariums without soil, so they’re great for people who doubt their gardening abilities. Spray air plants with water every week and they’ll thrive in whatever bright light spaces you have.

7. Philodendron

When you want a plant between the sizes of potted flowers and a small tree, you may fall in love with a philodendron. The large leaves have big holes that prefer darker spaces. Water them once a week to let this dry plant fill your home with greenery.

8. Aloe Vera

People find aloe vera plants handy in a few ways. They’re easy to grow in sandy soil under direct sunshine. They also contain soothing aloe gel that eases burns and dry skin. You’ll have an endless supply of the gel by growing an aloe vera plant at home, even if you choose the red or cream varieties.

9. Rubber Plant

You don’t have to get faux greenery to own picture-perfect plants. Just try your hand at growing the rubber plant. It prefers weekly watering to reach its towering height. The pristine leaves shine, so enjoy the sight of them in your home and keep your pets away from them. Their sap is poisonous to small animals.

10. African Violets

Anyone looking for popular flowers should try growing African violets. They have hardy petals in a rainbow of colors that love small and big containers. Water regularly to maintain moist soil and water the roots directly to avoid any fungus from growing on the delicate leaves.

Grow the Most Popular Houseplants

These are some of the most popular houseplants because they’re beautiful and easy to grow. Think about how much space your future plants should fill and what styles you most enjoy to bring home the best plants for your space.

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