• 03/27/2024

How to Use a Jade Roller for Natural Face Shaping


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Your skin care routine should restore your mental health and improve your physical wellness. Although the latest expensive products might be fun to splurge on, a jade roller is a lasting way to indulge in your self-care. Check out why people love this skin care tool and how to use a jade roller in your daily life.

What Is a Jade Roller?

The jade roller’s significance started with the stone itself. The vibrant green stone first appeared in China’s early history. They saw how durable the stone was and named it “the stone for eternity,” creating a symbol of eternal life and longevity.

People used jade to make everything from bottles to butterfly carvings. It added luxury and beauty to every household and soon became a worldwide phenomenon.

Now you can find jade rollers in most beauty stores. People still use the gentle green stone to flush out facial impurities and soothe irritated skin. It’s easy to use and doesn’t have the same bulkiness as mechanical facial massagers. Your future jade roller will fit in your travel bag, small bathroom drawer or makeup kit.

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A hand holds a roller with jade stones on either end.

How to Use a Jade Roller

Now that you know a little about the history behind jade rollers, it’s time to learn how people use them to improve their beauty routine. Follow these steps to try it out for yourself and see why it’s so popular in the wellness world.

Wash Your Face

Using a jade roller over a dirty face only pushes dirt and oils into your pores deeper. Start your morning or evening beauty routine with your favorite face wash. Find one designed for your skincare needs, like a sensitive formula or one that hydrates dry skin. After patting your face dry, it’s time to get out your new beautiful roller.

Start With Your Neck

Gently move your jade roller over the base of your neck and work your way up. Cover the same area a few times to get glowing skin. The slight pressure and cool stone encourage healthy lymphatic drainage, which is where your cells transport fluid more easily due to tissue massage.

The key to making your jade roller work is to give yourself time. Don’t rush through the important massaging motions.

Roll Over Your Face Gently

After you’ve covered your neck, roll the jade stone over your face with continued gentle pressure. Use it along your jaw, cheekbones and around your eyes. It will reduce swelling due to fluid retention, stress or lack of sleep.

Roll in different directions to work your skin tissue and avoid missing patches that need your attention. Be careful not to push too hard to avoid irritating your skin.

Wash Your Jade Roller

Even though you’ve washed your face and used your jade roller before applying beauty products, you’ll still have to wash it after you finish. It may pick up natural oils or dead skin cells that could make your face and neck dirtier than before.

Cleansing the stone and figuring out how to recharge it also adds a deeper level to your skin-care routine. You’ll draw away negative energy stored in the stone and create a clean tool of positivity that’s ready for your next use. Misaligned energies could ruin your self-care habits, so consider washing and recharging your jade roller anytime you use it.

Why You Should Use a Jade Roller

No one wants to waste their time, so here are a few reasons why people use jade rollers. They feature multiple benefits, but these are the most significant ways they’ll transform your routine.

You’ll Achieve Natural Shaping and Firmness

Using a jade roller can have natural anti-aging effects. If you’ve considered getting Botox or filler, try using a roller to shape your face naturally first. With the proper techniques, a jade roller can have the same effect as cosmetic procedures for a fraction of the cost.

You’ll Improve Your Circulation

Lymphatic drainage reduces cellular swelling, which gives your blood vessels more space. Dilating your blood vessels improves your circulation and immediately helps your skin. It receives more blood flow for normal cellular processes like hydration and absorption.

You’ll Evenly Apply Products

If you have a light toner or moisturizer, you might apply it before taking out your jade roller. The stone helps evenly apply thin products by moving them around your skin and working them into the tissue. It’s best to do this with water-based products so you don’t accidentally cover your roller with thick lotion or buildup.

You’ll Jumpstart Cellular Healing

Better blood flow delivers oxygen to your skin and jumpstarts cellular healing. If you don’t naturally have this deep healing, you likely combat dry skin or discoloration. A jade roller massage will set the stage for better results from your favorite lotions.

Update Your Skin Care Routine

Anyone can learn how to use a jade roller and see the immediate effects that have impressed people throughout history. Try it at home to update your skin care routine and get the look you want without an expensive price tag.

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