• 02/07/2023

How to Clean Your Beauty Blender for a Flawless Finish


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A beauty blender is an excellent tool for applying your makeup effortlessly. Ideally, you should be cleaning after one use. For most people, it gets used a couple of times before you get the motivation to clean it. It is important to clean each use because it is a sponge that can harbor bacteria. 

Here is how to clean your beauty blender. 

Why You Need to Clean it Daily

If you use your beauty blender regularly, you must wash it daily. Your beauty blender is a sponge, so when it gets wet, it holds bacteria 70 to 80% of the time. Your makeup can get locked inside the sponge if you neglect cleaning it, making it harder to get out. 

The build-up of makeup not only makes it harder to use but harms your skin. The bacteria on the sponge transfers to your skin and can cause breakouts. 

Ways to Clean a Beauty Blender

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Now that cleaning sponges have made it to the top of your list, there are some things to remember. No matter what way you clean it, be sure to let it completely dry before you store it. Even if you don’t have the time to clean it right away, let it dry instead of creating an area is can grow more bacteria. 

1. Soap and Water

This method is the simplest and easiest way. You can cause a bar of soap or liquid soap to get the job done. 

All you need to do is wet your sponge. If you use bar soap, rub the sponge on the soap to lather it on. If you use liquid soap, you can pour it directly onto the sponge. The beauty blender brand sells more expensive soaps to use or you can use regular soap that works just as well. 

Be sure you rinse your beauty blender thoroughly. It may take time to get all of the soap and makeup out. Keep squeezing it under the water until the makeup is not visibly coming out. 

2. Sponge Soak

Soaking is a great option if your beauty blender is really dirty or you’re in a time crunch. To prepare your soap bath, get a bowl and mix liquid soap and water. Put the sponge into the mixture and let it sit for a little bit to loosen up the makeup. 

Once it has sat for a little, squeeze out the excess water. There may be some areas that still look like there is makeup on it, so massaging it on your palm will help work it out. 

3. Dish Soap 

Dish soap is gentle enough to use on your beauty blender while breaking down foundation or concealer. Lather the soap onto it and massage it for a couple of seconds. To ensure you get the full effect, let it soak in the water for a little. 

Rinse thoroughly, ensuring no soap is coming out of the sponge. Gently squeeze with a clean towel and let it dry. This method is best for a deep clean every once in a while. 

Can You Clean a Beauty Blender in the Microwave?

Makeup products and a beauty blender.

You may see people online filming tutorials on how to clean a beauty blender in the microwave. This hack aims to disinfect your sponge.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Rinse off your beauty blender.
  2. Fill a microwave-safe cup with soapy water.
  3. Put your sponge in the water and squeeze to get it fully saturated.
  4. Heat in the microwave for one minute.
  5. Let cool for five minutes, then ring out the blender.

So, is microwaving your beauty blender effective? Yes, if done right. Rinsing off your beauty blender first is essential in removing caked-on makeup. If your sponge is coated in a heavy layer of makeup, it may melt or burn in the microwave.

Be sure to wait five minutes before removing it from the microwave to avoid burning your hands. While this method can be effective, proceed with caution.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your beauty blender is essential to have flawless makeup and clear skin. Cleaning your beauty blender will only take a couple of extra minutes in your routine and is worth it in the end to avoid spreading bacteria and having to keep repurchasing them. 

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