• 02/01/2023

How to Clean Jewelry at Home

how to clean jewelry - a small dish with jewelry pieces

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When you wear your jewelry nonstop for over a year, dirt and grime build-up, making it lose its shine. You can use household items to restore the jewelry that now looks dull. Save money from professional cleaning services by learning how to clean jewelry with these simple steps.

1. Baking Soda Bath 

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent because it is a mild alkali and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve in water, making it an effective way to clean. It causes a chemical reaction when mixed with water. It causes the dirt and grime to bubble off of the buildup on the jewelry. 

All you need to do is fill a small bowl with water and add the baking soda. Place your dirty jewelry in the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes. After bubbling, remove your item and dry it before putting it away. Be sure to avoid this method if your item is pearl or has soft gemstones on it. It is best with jewelry like engagement rings or things with diamonds, silver and gold. 

2. Simple Soap and Water

Soap and water is a classic cleaning combination. This simple solution is a go-to for many reasons, as it always comes in handy to work out spots, stains and grime without causing damage. It is best to use this method for mild tarnish and general wear and tear, most commonly found on sterling silver. It won’t be enough for major rust and buildups. 

Mix a couple of drops of liquid soap with water to use this method. Place your jewelry into the mixture for a few seconds and buff out any spots with a washcloth. Using this method with items like earrings can prevent infection since it sanitizes them while improving shine. 

3. Toothbrush Scrub

A toothbrush is an excellent tool for getting into all the tiny places a cloth can’t reach. Be sure to use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid damage or other bacteria. 

For areas that have a light build-up, scrub with water and for areas with more build-up, dilute toothpaste with water and wash till necessary. Rinse with water and wipe clean with a cloth before putting it away. 

4. Antibacterial Cleaner

There is no need to invest in fancy jewelry cleaners. Multipurpose antibacterial cleansers are a household item that will make your bling shine. 

Pour a few inches of the cleaner into a bowl, then let your items sit for around five minutes. The build-up should start to fall off and sit at the bottom of the bowl. To elevate the effects of this method, you can remove the jewelry after soaking and clean it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse under cool water and dry off before storing. 

5. Boil Jewelry 

Simply washing your hands with jewelry on is not enough to call your jewelry clean. Removing your jewelry and properly getting bacteria off is essential. Hot water is an easy and cheap way to loosen dirt and grime from jewelry. 

All you need to do is boil water while placing your jewelry in a separate bowl. Once hot, pour the water over your items and let them sit till the water is cool. Remove them and wipe away the dirt and oils. This is best for silver, gold, platinum and diamonds, while pearls, opals and gemstones should be avoided.

The Bottom Line 

Taking care of your jewelry is essential for them lasting and looking its best. You don’t need to spend lots of money on professional cleaning all the time. Instead, use these home remedies.    

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