• 07/23/2019

Hotel Sleep Program: 5 Hotels That Will Change the Way You Sleep

hotel sleep programs

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A lot of little details compile to make a vacation fun. Travelers want to eat good food, have fun and stay somewhere nice, but most don’t think about needing a good night’s sleep to enjoy their trip — or indulging in a hotel sleep program, more specifically. Sleep is essential for any traveler, whether on vacation, taking a heritage trip or on a work trip. Everyone wants to sleep through the night, but sometimes even nice hotels have mattresses that keep that from happening. Some hotels have created sleep programs — they find out what helps people sleep comfortably through the night. Are you interested in a hotel sleep program? Check out these five hotels hoping to change the way you sleep.

1. Four Seasons

Four Seasons has been in the hotel business for a long time, providing rooms for guests that frequently return for a quality stay. A well-trusted brand never stops looking to improve, and Four Seasons does so by hosting their own sleep program at select properties. Stop by any Four Seasons for rooms made to be quiet at any time of the day. However, the Singapore and Seychelles locations add a little something extra. In Singapore, the Four Seasons will offer lullabies to kids and adults, while the Seychelles property spritzes distilled oils on pillows to create a relaxing aroma. The first challenge to getting a good night’s sleep is relaxing your mind from a full day of excitement — lullabies and the right fragrances can help do this.

2. Carmel Valley Ranch

A popular travel trend involves people enjoying a solo wellness retreat, which is what many guests want to experience when they arrive at the Carmel Valley Ranch in California. As part of your stay, you can stop by the in-house spa for a hypnotherapy session with a certified psychologist. They’ll walk you through a session that relaxes and encourages deep sleep as part of their hotel sleep program. You’ll walk away knowing how to perform self-hypnosis for future nights where you’re wide awake. Plus, you’ll keep a recording of your session so you can always listen to it again when you need to.

3. The Swisshotel

If your trip leads you to Berlin, consider a stay at the Swisshotel. They sell a deep sleep package for guests that can add-on to any room rate. When you purchase this package, you’ll get a special machine that emits clean mountain air. Once it’s turned on, you breathe deeply with it for a half-hour before you go to sleep, alongside sipping a provided herbal drink that promotes sleep. After you finish your half-hour of deep breathing, you’ll find a sleep pillow designed with perfect density for full head support. You won’t wake up with any neck pain after resting on a sleep pillow.

4. The Ritz-Carlton

Many travelers want to stay in a boutique hotel when they’re away from home. They want to experience staying somewhere different from other places they’ve stayed before. While it’s not a boutique hotel, the Ritz-Carlton can still give any guest a unique and life-changing stay. Consider staying at the Ritz-Carlton the next time you visit Dallas. They provide guests with a hotel sleep program called A Good Night’s Sleep. It’s a package that includes everything you need to relax. Before the evening gets too late, the package will provide you with a Drift to Sleep spa trip. This spa treatment is meant to slow your internal rhythms so everything in your mind and spirit calms down. Once you get to your room, you’ll find gel pillows that stay cool all night long. You won’t have to wake up in a sweat while you’re there. If the spa session doesn’t seem to work for you, the package also includes a session with a sleep therapist. They’ll help identify which triggers may keep you up and teach you how to navigate around them.

5. The Benjamin

New York is full of hotels and smaller lodges where you can stay. They all offer something different, but The Benjamin wants to help their clients take back their sleep and rest comfortably through the night. As part of their Rest and Renew program, you’ll get a sleep concierge to assist you every night during your stay. They’ll walk you through sleep techniques you can use before you turn out the light. They also partnered with a sleep expert so all pro-sleep options are at your disposal. The hotel stocks bedtime snacks that won’t fuel you with energy, and they can also schedule a nightly call to remind you when it’s the perfect time to start preparing to sleep.

Try Different Programs

At first, the idea of a hotel sleep program may sound a little far fetched. However, some experts have made it their life’s work to study sleep. Hotels are beginning to work with these experts to make their guests as comfortable as possible. To find what works best for you, try different programs. Stay at hotels with sleep programs while you’re away from home and don’t be nervous about trying something new. With a little help from a sleep concierge, hypnotherapist or the right kind of pillow, you could find the answer to your sleep struggles.

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