• 03/31/2023

12 Honeymoon Outfits for Any Destination

Honeymoon Outfits for Any Destination

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After you figure out where you want to go for your honeymoon, you’ll have a few details to plan. There are lodging and plane tickets to consider, plus honeymoon outfits that will knock your partner’s socks off. Check out these ideas that work with any destination you have in mind. Match them to your color and style preferences — you’ll have your suitcase packed in no time.

1. Two-Piece Maxi Dress and Sandals

You’re about to leave for a romantic dinner at a rooftop restaurant. The weather is pleasant and you want to look casually chic, so you pull a two-piece maxi dress from your suitcase. The light hues match your easygoing honeymoon vibe, while a pair of classic sandals complement your neutral handbag.

Total Price: $53.89 From Amazon

2. High-Waisted Shorts and a Lacy Crop Top

The sun is hot on your shoulders and the wind is warm, so you’re ready to go for a honeymoon hike. Pack a bottle of water and a container of sunscreen. You’ll need both while you’re strolling along trains in your high-waisted jean shorts and forest-green tank top. Pair them with comfy hiking boots or tennis shoes to wear something cute and practical wherever you hike.

Total Price: $44.98 From Amazon

3. White Ruffle Bikini

Celebrate your new bridal status while you’re lounging on the beach or cooling off in the waves. A white ruffle bikini makes your wedding gown style stretch to the coast. You’ll have a stylish swimsuit ready to go that doesn’t part ways with the classic bridal hue you waited so long to wear. And if you accidentally spill red wine in a sunset jacuzzi, don’t worry. There are multiple ways to lift wine stains in a hotel room.

Total Price: $25.99 From Amazon

4. Maroon Suit and Black Heels

Five-star resorts have high-end restaurants ready to serve guests who arrive in the right attire. Style your hair before slipping into a maroon blazer, a matching pair of pants and shiny black heels that don’t sacrifice style for comfort. You’ll look magazine-ready in minutes. Plus, you can wear the outfit again at work or on a night out with friends.

Total Price: $110.94 From Amazon

5. Chunky-Knit Sweater and Pleather Pants

Maybe you want to spend your honeymoon admiring art and artifacts in historic museums. You’ll need something fashionable to match the occasion, so pack a dark-tone sweater and some pleather pants that add flair to your cozy style. Complete your look with ankle boots before leaving your hotel for an afternoon you’ll never forget.

Total Price: $22.50 From Amazon

6. Marble-Print Ski Pants and Jacket

Ski resorts are some of the best honeymoon places. Plan a few outfits for sipping hot cocoa by the fire, but don’t forget to consider what you’ll wear while skiing. Make every trip down the slopes count with marble ski pants and a matching black jacket, plus durable ski boots that fit with any snowboard or skis.

Total Price: $235.94 From Amazon

7. Floral Satin Pajama Set

Outfits matter when you’re adventuring on your honeymoon or eating room service with your partner. Plan a few mornings to lounge in your love bubble while looking fabulous in floral satin pajamas that hint at your recent wedding with a white background. The scalloped edges add a hint of romance to your look while the cool fabric lends an irresistible texture.

Wear the understated sexy look in your room or at the breakfast buffet. You’ll feel comfortable and beautiful even without a shower.

Total Price: $22.99 From Amazon

8. Gold Chainmail Top and Black Jeans

What’s a honeymoon without some partying? You might pick a few destinations based on the clubs you can hit while you’re there. You’ll need a stylish outfit that brings enough energy to meet the fun you’ll have on your first night out.

Consider wearing a chainmail crop top that matches your gold wedding rings. The top looks perfect with high-waisted black jeans and bejeweled ankle boots that reflect ever-changing strobe lights. No one will miss you when you walk into the room. You’ll be the star of the show and the light in your partner’s eyes.

Total Price: $174.98 From Amazon

9. Personalized Sweatshirt and Joggers

You can’t get across the world without boarding a plane. Don’t make the mistake of wearing clothes that eventually tug and stretch in the wrong ways after hours of plane rides and layouts. Opt for a personalized sweatshirt that celebrates your new last name. The classic look will keep you warm in chilly airports along with fleece joggers and your favorite pair of tennis shoes.

Total Price: $40.29 From Amazon

10. Workout Clothes and Supportive Shoes

Your fitness goals don’t have to get farther away just because you’re going on vacation after your wedding. If you and your partner share a love for exercising, pack a few outfits designed for the gym.

Whether you lift weights or jog outdoors, you can wear flowy tulip-cut shorts and a loose top that lets a breeze whisk your sweat away. You’ll also need supportive footwear that fits inside your suitcase, like Nike’s Cloudfoam shoes that don’t waste your time with laces.

Total Price: $105.84 From Amazon

11. Boyshort Swimsuit and Dive Shoes

Although you might already have the essentials for a beachfront honeymoon, your trip might require supplies you don’t currently have at home. If you and your partner want to scuba dive along coral reefs, you’ll need a boyshort swimsuit to provide maximum protection and security.

A pair of matching dive shoes complete the look by protecting your feet from rocky ocean floors or reefs that otherwise slice feet open. You’ll get your diving equipment with whatever company sets up your expedition. Consider this outfit an investment in your future underwater adventures together as a married couple.

Total Price: $67.97 From Amazon

12. V-Neck Shirt Dress With Pockets

No matter where you go, you can trust a v-neck dress to help you look fabulous. Pick a casual color to match the flowy fabric and loose bow belt. After sliding into a pair of no-heel sandals, you’ll be ready to do everything from walking through an amusement park to navigating to a Broadway show.

Total Price: $59.89 From Amazon

Plan the Best Honeymoon Outfits

Consider your sense of style and existing wardrobe before picking new honeymoon outfits for your first vacation as a married couple. You’ll match your clothes to whatever adventures await and wear them again in the years after.

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