• 01/02/2023

The Best Gardening Gifts for Women

The Best Gardening Gifts for Women

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Finding a good gardening gift for the plant lovers in your life may seem challenging, but not anymore. Check out this guide to find the best gardening gifts for women who love their flowers, veggies and herbs. They’re perfect for Christmas, birthdays or a surprise gift that will make your friends feel extra loved.

1. A Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

Women younger than 49 are more likely to develop skin cancer than any other cancer, except for thyroid and breast cancer. A wide-brimmed straw hat is a stylish way to upgrade your friend’s gardening experience and help them stay healthy.

2. Extra Thick Knee Pad

Gardening becomes much less fun when kneeling in rough grass, mulch or pebbles. An extra thick knee pad lets people stay in their gardens even longer without feeling uncomfortable while they work in the soil.

3. Watering Can Set

Your friend or loved one may have a watering can, but she doesn’t have a set to water all types of plants. This great set features a spray bottle and a squeeze bottle to accurately water plants like succulents and terrarium varieties.

4. A Flower Press

Flowers are beautiful and last only for a little while. That’s why a flower press is one of the best gardening gifts for women. Your friend can save her favorite blooms and show off the press on their bookshelf, so it doubles as decor.

5. A Seed Storage Container

Sometimes gardeners buy seed packets and can’t plant them immediately. A seed storage container fixes that problem. This container comes with packets and labels that your friend can stick in the soil after she finally returns to gardening. She’ll also love saving seeds from her current plants to recreate them as centerpieces next year.

6. Self-Watering Globes

While your friend is exploring the best destinations for single women like Spain and Iceland or checking a vacation off her bucket list, a set of self-watering globes will keep her plants alive. They’re colorful, eye-catching ways to help plants thrive and also make daily gardening responsibilities easier in between adventures.

7. Lavender-Scented Hand Lotion

Gardening involves plenty of hand washing to remove dirt and fertilizer from under your fingernails. Soap may dry out your friend’s hands, so give her some lavender-scented hand lotion for an upcoming holiday or birthday. The scent will remind her of her garden and soothe any irritated skin after a day in the sun.

8. Hydroponic Gardening Kit

People in Babylonia created the first hydroponic garden in 800 B.C., but your friend doesn’t have to revamp her garden with pull systems to do the same thing. All she needs is a hydroponic gardening kit. It waters plants passively and even feeds them with a grow light so your friend can grow whatever she likes throughout the year.

Find the Best Gardening Gifts

Now that you’ve found inspiration in the best gardening gifts for women, think about what your friend or loved one would like. Whether she wishes she could grow summer flowers indoors during the winter or keep plants alive while she’s on vacation, you can give her plenty of gifts to make gardening an even more enjoyable hobby.

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