• 09/02/2022

5 of the Best Places for Female Solo Travel


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Thousands of women are exploring the world on their own. However, it can be intimidating to take your first (or even your second) solo trip. Many women worry about safety and whether they’ll be able to enjoy traveling alone without constantly having to look over their shoulder. In some countries, women are still treated very poorly. 

Thankfully, there are many places you can explore safely as a female solo traveler. The two most important tools you can take anywhere are your common sense and intuition. Preparing ahead of time will help too – you should always research your destination to ensure nothing has changed. Here are five of the best places for female solo travel. 

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1. Spain

In 2019, travel bloggers Asher and Lyric Fergusson created a travel index called the Women’s Danger Index. It ranked 50 countries for female safety based on official information from Gallup polls, the UN and the World Economic Forum, among other sources. Spain headed the list as the safest place for women to travel alone. 

This beautiful country is filled with bustling cities and gorgeous countryside. In Spain, you can visit museums, tour castles or head to a local festival. Spain has a Mediterranean climate with lots of sun and beautiful weather. The food is incredible and the people very friendly. However, you do need to protect yourself from pickpockets and scams. 

2. Iceland

Iceland is another fantastic place for solo female travelers to visit. The landscape is incredible, with rainbows, waterfalls and quaint churches in every direction. Iceland is considered one of the safest places in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. Crime is low and many people travel there alone. 

Unfortunately, staying in Iceland can be expensive. If you want to be frugal, you can rent a car and then camp along your route. Iceland is easy to navigate, especially if you take the ring road around the south of the country. However, you do want to watch out for nasty weather starting in the late fall.

3. Germany 

Solo traveling in Germany is also wonderful. This country has incredible cities like Berlin where you can explore and experience the culture. However, you can also travel to the Bavarian Alps to view gorgeous castles and snow-capped mountains. Germany is considered very safe for female travelers. 

Of course, you still need your common sense when visiting Germany. There are plenty of pickpockets and you shouldn’t walk alone at night, especially in a major city. However, this country is beautiful, full of friendly people and a great place to gain confidence as a female solo traveler. 

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is another one of the safest places in the world for female solo travelers. There are no snakes on the island and crime is low. This country is stunning and full of friendly people. Although it can be expensive to travel here, you can make thrifty choices and avoid the hefty price tag (after you pay for plane tickets). 

This country is the perfect place to go on solo hikes. You can meet friends along the way or choose to stay to yourself. If you do go hiking alone, it’s a good idea to invest in a safety beacon that will work even where there’s no Wi-Fi. That way, authorities can find you in case of an accident.

5. Japan

If you’d like to travel to Asia, consider visiting Japan. Apart from typical concerns like pickpockets and spiked drinks, this country is considered very safe for female solo travelers. If you want to meet other people as you travel, it’s best to stick to some of the major cities. However, there’s plenty to enjoy here completely on your own as well. 

The food in Japan is excellent. This country is full of contradictory experiences – for example, you can slowly soak in ancient temples or ride on a super-fast bullet train. The countryside in Japan is gorgeous and there are many beautiful destinations to visit. If you haven’t considered visiting Japan before, you should definitely put it on your bucket list. 

Travel With Confidence

You can 100% travel alone safely as a woman. However, choosing a safe destination can go a long way in making your trip more enjoyable. No matter where you go, make sure you take your common sense and listen to your intuition. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, say no and get out of the situation quickly. 

When you travel solo, it’s always important to let friends and family know where and when you’re going. You should have a backup plan for communication, finances and navigation in case something goes wrong. Do your best to blend in and have a fabulous time on your female solo adventure at these best places for female solo travel. 

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