• 02/08/2023

Gardening 101: Everything You Need to Know to Start a Garden

gardening 101 - a beautiful front garden

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Looking for a gardening 101 class that doesn’t cost a dime? You’ve come to the right place. This guide features everything you need to know to start a garden this year. No matter what you want to plant or how much room you have, you’re about to become confident in your gardening skills.

1. Pick the Plants You Love

You’ll feel more motivated to stick with gardening long-term if you grow plants you love. Consider if you want to plant things like flowers or vegetables. You may want to experience the joy of eating food you grew or creating centerpieces with flowers from your yard.

After making your decision, research varieties that thrive in your geographic location so your weather supports their growth cycle. Read about which season they prefer and how much space they need to grow. You could also look into houseplant options if you’ll garden indoors.

You’ll narrow down your potential plants by working through details like these before heading to your local plant nursery.

2. Prepare Your Gardening Space

It’s easy to feel confident about your garden when you know you’ve put each plant in the best spot for its growth. Sketch where you’ll place each plant based on factors like how much shade or sunlight they require.

Based on the locations in your sketch, you’ll know if you need to add new soil to your yard in sandy spots or build an above-ground planter. You can also use your sketch to prepare your indoor garden pots — and potentially even your shower.

3. Pick a Gardening Journal

Journaling is great for new gardeners because you can track every last detail. Record essential factors you might forget after a few weeks or months of gardening, like:

  • Which plants you’ve chosen
  • Where you planted each one
  • When they should get harvested
  • When they will bloom
  • How often they need watering

Consider if you’ve tried bullet journaling before or prefer a lined notebook. Either way, you won’t feel lost when you’re a few weeks into your gardening experience and your research feels long gone.

4. Set Watering Reminders

Unless you plan on using a self-watering system for indoor plants, you’ll need to water your garden regularly. Set alarms or calendar notifications to alert you whenever you should grab your watering can and hydrate your garden. You’ll quickly fall into a routine and may even turn the notifications off because you feel confident about your watering instincts.

5. Track Your Progress

Take a few daily or weekly photos of your plants after they start sprouting. You’ll have visual evidence of their growth or if they’re wilting more often. You could even follow a few gardening Instagram accounts and create one dedicated to your garden.

Other people passionate about plants will cheer you on through likes or comments. It’s much more fun to keep up with a new hobby when a supportive community surrounds you.

Study This Gardening 101 Guide

Try using these gardening 101 tips to kickstart your dream garden this year. Whether you’re growing plants indoors or outdoors, you’ll know exactly how to grow beautiful plants and keep them alive throughout their growing seasons.

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