• 06/03/2022

Fruit and Plant Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


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If you’re having a natural, bohemian wedding or you simply want to add a little bit of rustic charm to your nuptials, there are so many ways that you can use the elements of the earth to decorate your tables. There are so many different fruit and plant combinations that you can use to make truly stunning designs, whether you’re working with a planner, a designer or going at it DIY-style. Using the earth and all its beautiful creations to bring a bit of inspiration to your wedding can be a refreshing and gorgeous take. Here are a few fruit and plant wedding centerpiece ideas to help you make it happen.

Fruit Basket Centerpieces

This is a classic option for any rustic table spread. Not only are you able to eat them and incorporate them into the menu, but you can incorporate seasonal fruits and help it match your entire celebration!

Oranges in a basket as a centerpiece.

Cornucopia Centerpieces

Perfect for autumn and winter celebrations, you can make your very own cornucopia or you can buy premade ones if you’re in a bit of a rush. Not only can it be a part of the menu, but they’re also insanely stylish. 

Fruit Bouquets 

Even though floral arrangements are usually the go-to for wedding centerpieces, you can always go a little off the beaten track with a fruit bouquet instead. You can mix fruit into the flowers or lead with the fruit itself. 

Peach Centerpieces

If you want to get specific about which fruits you’re ready to toss into the mix, peaches can be a great, sweet choice. Especially if you’re having a summer or southern wedding, peach centerpieces for weddings can be adorable and fun — you can even slice them up or include them in your dessert items if you want a little more sweetness.

Grape Centerpieces

Grapes are a fantastic fruit to stand alone in a wedding centerpiece. Although simply adding a grape vine onto the table might not cut it, allowing it to sit in a bowl or unique dish can be extremely stylish and simple, which could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Branch Centerpieces

Moving away from the fruit options for just a bit, there are plenty of ways you can utilize twigs and branches in order to make stylish, creative decor. You can include them in floral arrangements or even make sparkly arrangements with your classic craft supplies. 

Ivy Centerpieces

Ivy is a natural, subtle and extremely classy vine that you can implant into any centerpiece — even a non-floral one. You can utilize this when it comes to potted plants, fruit arrangements and so many other classy wedding centerpiece arrangements.

Citrus Arrangements

If you’re having a summer wedding, going with the citrus theme can be extremely appropriate. You can go with a floral mix or even a simple fruit bowl, or you can get even more creative with the ideas around you — like including mason jars or leaves!

Mushroom Centerpieces

Want something a little magical and mystical? How about mushrooms! You can utilize a fake plant setup, or simply include them in mossy baskets for a little bit of hobbit-style charm. This is a unique and fun idea, especially for candlelit, autumnal celebrations. 

Succulent Centerpieces

Similar to the mushrooms, succulent centerpieces can be subtle and magical, especially for weddings where you want a bit of unique charm. Succulents are great because they’re durable and cute — and can even make the perfect party favors. You can even get a little bit creative and make them totally unique!

A succulent in a gold vase.

Berry Baskets

Similar to the fruit basket idea, using berries specifically can be a great way to bring deep tones into your color scheme and create adorable, edible centerpieces. Berries are both small and unique, and you can use a variety of them to make the exact centerpiece that you are looking for.

Even though cookie towers and other desert towers don’t necessarily include fruit or plants, one of the best things about these is that you can include a variety of decorations on them. This allows you to utilize dessert in your centerpiece, in addition to accessorizing with beautiful garnishes.

Fruit and Plant Centerpieces for Weddings

There are so many ways to plan wedding centerpieces that express your personality and wedding theme perfectly. Bringing some elements from the earth into your decorations can be natural, rustic and fun. From the edible to the plants that grow directly from the ground, there are so many options that you can explore.

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