• 01/17/2022

Essential Wedding Signposts for Your Big Day


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Weddings require many decorations. Even if you’re interested in hosting a low-key ceremony or one that lets the venue take center stage, you’ll find that some things are necessary, like wedding signposts.

Signposts are practical decorations that aren’t as high on the list as others. However, they can help provide direction and lower stress levels on your special day.

Do You Need Wedding Signposts?

The short answer is yes. Everyone should have wedding signposts on their big day, as it’s a way to take some strain off the newly married couple and the hosts of the wedding.

The average size of a wedding is around 130 people, though that number has decreased in recent years. To direct everyone to the same place, you’ll either need members of your wedding party, designated ushers or signage to get them to where they need to be. Ample signage is your best bet so you can focus on your special day and won’t have to worry about fielding questions from guests.

3 Crucial Navigation Wedding Signposts

Perhaps the most critical kind of wedding signs are the navigational ones that direct your guests where to go so they aren’t constantly asking the wedding party for pointers. This is even more important if you have a large venue.

1. Welcome Sign

This sign should be the first one your guests see. Ideally, it would welcome them to the venue and state your and your partner’s names. It might include a picture of the couple or flowers. While a welcome sign might look cute, it’s mainly there to show your guests that they’ve arrived at the right place for your ceremony.

2. Directional Sign

If your venue isn’t straightforward or you plan to have guests passing through different areas, having a sign telling them where to go is essential. You might consider putting multiple arrows on one signpost, each one labeled with a location. It’s also a good idea to include a sign pointing to the bathroom so none of your guests get lost on their way.

3. Assigned Seating Signs

Seating charts can bring you more stress, but your wedding can feel more streamlined and formal with a dinner seating chart. Plus, you can avoid the awkwardness of strangers interacting with each other. With assigned seats, you’ll likely be putting guests with people they know rather than allowing them to end up with total strangers.

Similarly, if you don’t subscribe to the traditional seating-by-side at ceremonies, you may choose to place a sign that asserts it doesn’t matter which side guests sit on. This kind of sign would take the pressure off people looking for somewhere their whole party can sit together.

A signpost reads "Eat, drink and be married.

3 Important Reception Signposts

Once the ceremony and cocktail hour are over, the real party begins. Your reception decor shouldn’t be all fun and dancing, though. You should consider utilizing signs to direct your guests to certain features of your wedding.

1. Gift Table Sign

More people send gifts directly to the couple ahead of the wedding thanks to the rise in popularity of online registries. You might find that a few guests still bring you physical gifts or cards, and those items need to go somewhere. By having a sign pointing out your gift table, your guests can avoid carrying around their packages all night.

2. Social Media Sign

Many people choose to have unplugged ceremonies, which means they request everyone to turn their phones off during the event. In this case, having a sign showing guests that taking photos during their wedding is a no-no should be placed close to the ceremony location.

Social media is a cornerstone of many people’s lives these days. Wedding hashtags might be in decline, but they’re still immensely popular as a way to put your creativity on display. Be sure to have a sign stating your hashtag so any guests who snap pictures can share them with you over Instagram.

3. Favor Table Sign

Not every happily married couple gives out favors, but those that do put them on plates people will see when they sit in their assigned seats. If you choose to give out larger or multiple favors, you might find it more convenient to have a favor table. Be sure to have ample signage directing your guests to pick theirs up before they leave. Without a sign, they may never know it’s meant for them.

Wedding Signposts Point You in the Right Direction

While they don’t have to be the central pieces of your decor, wedding signposts are necessary for weddings with a large number of guests at a big venue. Signs can keep people from asking questions or help them avoid awkward situations. 

Signs help your guests out and take the stress off you. It’s your big day — shouldn’t you have the chance to enjoy it without answering every last question?

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