• 03/06/2023

7 Date Night Ideas at Home for Cohabitating Couples


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When couples first move in together, it feels like every night is a date night. However, you get used to those feelings eventually, and if you don’t make adequate time for yourselves, you can start to slip into the roommate phase. If you want to reignite the spark in your relationship, try out some of these date night ideas at home that can be done even on a tight budget.

1. Have a Candlelit Dinner

This date is probably what most people think of when they envision date night ideas at home. There’s nothing like lighting some candles and enjoying a delicious dinner with the person you love most in the world. Candles can provide a natural source of light while also setting a romantic mood for you and your partner. You can order dinner from your favorite restaurant or recreate a meal from one of your more memorable dates. Whatever cuisine you choose, you’ll have a wonderful time at home with your sweetheart.

2. Watch a Movie

Why go to the movie theater when you can find a movie at home and have the opportunity to snuggle up together? You can choose to watch an old favorite, or you might try something new. Try to go through all your options. You might have a beloved film o DVD, or maybe one of your streaming services has a movie you’ve both wanted to watch. With some brainstorming, you’ll come up with the perfect movie to watch together. Don’t forget the movie snacks!

3. Have a Spa Night

In a busy world, you may rarely have time to slow down. That’s why one of the best date night ideas at home involve relaxing with your partner, not worrying about a single household chore or stressors beyond that day. It’s important to maintain self-care so you can avoid burnout when it creeps up on you. Self-care helps you connect with yourself again and can pull you out of a depressive funk when you need it most. Relaxing with the most important person in the world to you can help you feel that much more refreshed.

Put on face masks, take baths or do something else to make you feel loved and cared for. On a self-care day or night, all you need to do is prioritize yourself. Try not to cook or clean. Spending time together should be number one on this night, as well as lowering your stress levels. Accomplish several self-care goals, and you might start to feel more like yourself.

4. DIY Something

What better way to celebrate a date night at home than by working on a home improvement project? If both you and your partner are creative and have renovation goals, you can take this time together to work on something that will improve your home. For example, painting a room together could be fun. It’ll make the task feel less like a chore when you complete it together. Then, you’ll get to enjoy your home together — and remember the fun date that led to the DIY project.

5. Play Games Together

Playing games will help you keep up a healthy degree of competition and allow you to have fun against each other. Some board games, card games and video games are meant to be cooperative, so if you don’t enjoy competing with one another, you can work together for a common goal. Sometimes, working together in a game can be just as fun as competing with one another. When families play video games together, they share a closeness they might not have had otherwise.

Different couples like different things, so you might gravitate to one or the other. Try to play a game you haven’t played in a while. Once you finish one game, you might want to move on to another one. A game night is a perfect way to have fun with your sweetheart without too much work. Just pick out a few games and let your laughter lead you the rest of the way.

6. Build a Time Capsule

One way to look back at your relationship in the future is to build a time capsule. You can open it in a few months or a few years — the timeframe is up to you. While this one is different from other date night ideas at home, it’ll still challenge you and your partner to consider what’s most important in your relationship. It’ll help you make decisions to put valued objects in the time capsule to remind yourselves of them in the future.

You can get as creative as you want with your time capsule. You might put matching shirts in there or a stuffed animal that means the world to the two of you. Another idea is to put funds inside for a date night in the future. You can put whatever you want in your time capsule — just try to remember where you put it so you can open it together later.

7. Plan for Future Events

People seem happier when they have a vacation or major event to look forward to. In fact, planning for the future might even help you realize there will be an end to tough times and help build your resilience. While you have some downtime at home, shift your priorities to planning for a new trip. 

If both you and your partner love to plan, an exciting date could be figuring out where you want to go and learning the logistics of a trip. You may want to go abroad on a vacation, or you could stay local and find a town within your home state to explore. No matter what you plan, you’ll have fun just by spending time together.

Try These Date Night Ideas at Home Next Time

You don’t need a lot of money to have a nice date with the person you love most in the world. The best part of living together is that you and your partner get to be around one another all the time. Even so, you may start to feel more like roommates than significant others during this time. One of these date night ideas at home will likely remedy that and show you that you can still have a fun, romantic time together at home — maybe even without spending any money!

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