• 02/18/2023

How to Make Crafty Bridal Shower Favors


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It’s so flattering to be showered with gifts and love at any shower. Bridal showers are the best because you get to celebrate with a bigger group than your bachelorette party. 

While you are supposed to be the center of attention, it’s nice to give something back to your guests. It’s even better if your favors have a personalized touch. Learn how to gift some crafty bridal shower favors that your guests can treasure for years to come. 

Crafty Activities For Fun

Incorporating crafts into your bridal shower is an excellent way to give your guests a special treat for showing up. Your guests will love making something they can personalize and take with them. Like games at your bridal shower, crafts can break the ice for guests who aren’t acquainted.

Flower crowns are fun to make and are something everyone can tailor to their likes. Painted matchboxes are cute favors everyone can use and remember the match between you and your future spouse.

Guests will have a blast painting and personalizing matchboxes and will likely appreciate the uniqueness of this fun little favor. Decorating sleep masks your guests can take home is another fabulous and crafty bridal shower favor activity that everyone will love. 

Crafty Bridal Shower Favors To Gift

If you would rather gift your friends and family with a bridal shower favor that requires no effort on their part, consider crafting up something for them. There are some simple options available that are super cute that your guests will be sure to love. 

Your bridal shower favors don’t need to be extravagant. They can be inexpensive and easy to make or buy, like little candy or coffee gift bags. You just need to think of a little something that everyone will enjoy that can extend thanks. 

Personalized stickers that you can add to gift bags, candles or mini bottles of booze can add a crafty touch to just about anything and make it memorable. You can design your stickers or order them from somewhere to add to the bridal shower favors you choose. 

Crafty Favors To Purchase

If you aren’t a crafty person or don’t have the time to plan activities or make favors yourself, there are plenty of options that you can purchase instead. Retro-style jelly bags are a unique find you can personalize with names and fill with goodies for your guests. 

These bags could double as excellent bridesmaid gifts filled with different treats! Cute soap sets shaped like donuts and popsicles are also fun and unique ideas for bridal shower favors. Some soap sets look and smell like chocolate that your guests will obsess over! 

Buying the favors doesn’t take away from the thought and effort you put into your favors and your guests will be just as pleased if you made them yourself. Planning a wedding is stressful and everyone can understand how much goes into the process. No one expects you to take time away from that to handmake special favors for your guests. 

Bridal Shower Appreciation

Every bride doesn’t benefit from getting to have a bridal shower. If you’re lucky enough to be thrown a shower, show how grateful you are with a little gift, fun activity or both for your guests. They will feel like their flattery is reciprocated and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Everyone wins! 

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