Bathroom Organization Ideas: 10 Ways To Declutter 

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Your bathroom can quickly become cluttered with toiletries and beauty products. Increasing your storage can help the space feel less chaotic. So, try these bathroom organization ideas for a tidy room. 

1. Use a Two-Tiered Stand

A stand can help organize your toiletries, like your toothbrush and face wash. You can store more items and even create a categorized system. For example, have your toothpaste on top and makeup on the bottom. 

Plus, you can prevent messes or scratches with items off the counter. It then frees up surface space. You can place the stand in the corner of your vanity. Also, if there is a low drawer above the sink, put it there. 

2. Hang up Some Baskets

Hanging baskets are one of the best bathroom organization ideas for smaller spaces. Wire containers can hold all your extra items, like towels or toilet paper. They can even be a good place for framed family photos. Use wire baskets for a more modern look. For a unique design, buy copper baskets. 

They provide texture to your wall as well. The hanging baskets free up floor space to walk around easily. You can find them at retail stores like Target. 

3. Use Towel Hooks 

Hooks allow you to hang all your wet towels conveniently. This will enable them to dry faster and prevent wet clothes from covering the floor. Unlike rods, you can hang the towel neatly instead of sloppy throwing it over the rack. 

With this organization, your space is tidier, giving the area a relaxing atmosphere. It also makes the room more visually appealing for guests. You can place the hooks along the walls and even behind doors for hidden storage. 

4. Install a Shower Caddy 

An over-the-shower caddy is one of the most common bathroom organization ideas. It’s probably something you used in college. It’s a convenient way to store and organize your bathing products. It also keeps them all in place for easy access. Use the caddy to hold key items like shampoo, soap and razors. 

In addition, it makes it easier to clean your shower when there is less surface clutter. Plus, then you can prevent unwanted soap stains. You want to clean your shower at least once a week.

5. Hide Items Behind a Mirror

Find or buy a full-length cabinet to store towels and toiletries. The cabinet increases your storage space and makes the room feel more open. Then you can hang a mirror on the outside of the shelf. 

This can hide excess shampoo bottles or personal items, like feminine hygiene products. The mirror is perfect for a quick outfit check in the morning. Also, mirrors can bring in more natural light and make the space feel larger. 

6. Take Advantage of Curtain Rods

Your curtain rods can do more than just hold up the sheet. You can hang other beauty products as well. For example, using a clip, attach shampoo, conditioner or even face wash to the rods. 

This frees up counter space and prevents products from cluttering your shelves. It also makes them easy to grab in a rush. Plus, you can read the labels better when the items are all laid out. 

7. Buy a Wine Rack 

A wine rack is a creative way to store your towels. If you roll them up, they can easily fit inside the frame. This then increases your closet space. It also gives your walls some more character. Then you can quickly grab a towel on the way to the shower instead of digging through a cluttered shelf. 

Display cloths with brighter colors or fun patterns for a more personalized effect. This can add an extra pop of color to the room. 

8. Use a Ladder Shelf 

Do you have an extra ladder just lying around your garage? Well, then put it to good use. Place it over the toilet for extra storage. You can add things like additional toilet paper and washcloths. This creates a farm-style vibe and unique focal point. 

Plus, it is a cost-effective way to expand your storage. You can also store beauty and hair products in a box and place them on the ladder. That way, your counter can just hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. This minimizes clutter and creates a relaxing space. 

9. Incorporate Drawer Organizers

These are a great way to organize your items efficiently. You can divide products into categories and keep them in their sections. It also prevents germs from your toothbrush from transferring to other toiletries. 

Then you can spend less time digging through a cluttered drawer. Suppose multiple family members share a bathroom. Give them each their own drawer organizer. Be sure to label these and even color coat them for extra creativity.

10. Buy Small Plastic Laundry Baskets

These baskets are great for holding kids’ toys or excess shampoo. They are also an easy place to store makeup products, so they aren’t spread out all over the counter. You can even use the containers to hold washcloths, preventing them from collecting sink germs. 

Place the baskets on floating shelves or inside cabinets. You can also use water-resistant command hooks to hang them. This can free up more space and prevent people from tripping over them. 

The Best Bathroom Organization Ideas

Your bathroom is a high-traffic area of the home. That’s why it’s essential to keep it looking nice and tidy. So, add a few of these bathroom organization ideas to your next clean-up project.

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