• 05/11/2023

Barn Wedding Decor: 10 Best Ideas to Achieve Your Dream

A bride and groom getting married in a barn.

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A barn wedding can be one of the most captivating and gorgeous ways to say “I do.” Barns are the ideal venues for country, rustic or bohemian-themed weddings. A barn makes the perfect backdrop for photos and adds a unique element to your wedding day. Transforming a barn into a wedding venue isn’t as complicated as you think. Here are some of the best decor ideas for a barn wedding. 

Barn Wedding Essential Decor

Nail the barn wedding aesthetic with these stunning decor pieces:

1. Drapes

Drapes and string lights hang from the rafters of a barn.

Drapery can add a touch of elegance to any venue. You can drape the walls, ceiling, and doors or even create an arch with drapes for your vow exchange. Many barns have high ceilings, making a room feel grand and luxurious or too big for your desired aesthetic. Long drapes that reach the ceiling can make your space seem ethereal and add to the magic of your big day. You can use drapes to cover poles or other eye sores you want to hide from your guests. Drapes elevate entryways and can add drama and glamour to your space. 

2. String Lights

String lights and ivy vines hang from the ceiling.

String lights are another versatile decor item in barn weddings. You can use string lights in practically everything regarding wedding decor. You can string lights through drapes to create a romantic ambiance as a backdrop for the newlywed or food table. Hanging string lights outdoors adds to the magic of your wedding reception and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. You can’t go wrong with string lights indoors or outdoors at a barn wedding. 

3. Mason Jar Centerpieces

Baby's breath flowers in a mason jar.

Mason jars are a staple at any rustic-themed gathering. You can create so many things with a mason jar! From personalized cups for the wedding party or guests to hanging mason jar lights for the reception, mason jars are perfect for barn weddings. Mason jars make perfect DIY centerpiece ideas or vases. Mason jars are great for holding silverware on the food table or markers by the guest book. Tea lights or floating candles look so cute in mason jars on guest tables. 

4. Pallet Signs

A wooden pallet with "welcome" written on it.

From your itinerary to seating arrangements, guests look for signs to point them in the right direction. Wedding signs can get pricey and you only use them once. So, why not create your own? Wooden pallets make excellent wedding signs and add to the rustic appearance of a barn wedding. 

You can easily DIY wooden pallet signs with chalk, acrylic paint or the right markers. You can decorate pallets with photos to display your relationship timeline as a decor piece.  Direct your guests with crafty signs that add a personal touch to your wedding day.  Rustic wood crates are functional and aesthetically pleasing for a barn wedding. 

5. Twig Accents

A floral centerpiece with twigs and red flowers.

Twigs are an excellent way to integrate nature into your wedding day. They are a natural element that you can incorporate into your bouquet, centerpieces or candle holders to add some rustic charm. Twigs and branches are perfect for creating floating centerpieces. You can anchor branches from the ceiling to float centerpieces above tables and wow your guests. Twigs make excellent additions to cake toppers and decorations. Also, twigs are perfect for leaning into winter or spooky wedding themes and decor. 

6. Lantern Decor

A picnic table outside of a barn is set with a table cloth and lanterns.

Lanterns and birdcages are timeless decor pieces that go with everything country and rustic. Hanging lanterns in the trees outside the barn can create an inviting and warm environment that adds to the magic of the evening. Lanterns work great as centerpieces or decorations on any table in your reception. You’ll have a food table, a guest book table, a drink station, a table where newlyweds dine and many other tables to decorate. They can get overwhelming, but lanterns are versatile—you can put them anywhere! 

7. Greenery 

A wedding reception table is set with plates and utensils with a greenery garland in the center.

Greenery provides a way to bring a little of the outdoors into your barn wedding. You can add greenery to table settings, drapery, seating arrangements or the aisle runner. Everywhere you put greenery adds a natural element and elevates the overall aesthetic of your barn wedding. Subtle greenery accents are perfect for adding to other decor pieces, like chairs or cake decorations. Floral arrangements combined with greenery garland can make the best table runners for barn weddings. 

8. Wine Barrels 

A wine bottle and a cup with cheese and grapes sit on a wine barrel.

Wine barrels are the quintessential staple for barn weddings. They make perfect tables for a guest book or wedding favors. Add a wine barrel to each side of the aisle entrance to mark the walkway. You can use a wine barrel as a gift table, for a unity ceremony or as a memorial table. You can also use wine barrels to create a makeshift table for drinks or other items. Wine barrels add the perfect touch to any barn wedding photo since they’re so woodsy and rustic. 

9. Chandeliers 

A barn wedding reception featuring chandeliers.

Chandeliers can elevate your lighting and add some vintage charm to your big day. Antique chandeliers are perfect for barn weddings and can create the coziest vibe in your venue. Chandeliers also add a touch of elegance to your wedding. You can thrift old chandeliers and upgrade them with flowers and greenery or hang mason jars from them to create a personal and unique touch. Chandeliers elevate the backdrop and create stunning image opportunities. Wow your guests by making chandeliers the centerpiece of your ceiling. 

10. Creative Seating

A barn set up for a wedding reception, with tables, chairs and string lights.

Seating can change the vibe of a room. Get creative with seating arrangements by getting seating that matches the theme of your wedding. Cross-back chairs are perfect for rustic themes and look excellent in a barn wedding. Velvet chairs are modern and add a hint of contemporary flair. Wooden benches are perfect for an outdoor barn wedding. Hay bales are a great way to seat everyone outdoors, especially if it’s raining or mud. You can also use hay to lay under the aisle runner so no one slips while walking down the aisle. 

Dreamy Barn Wedding Decor

A barn wedding is the perfect opportunity to get crafty with your decor. There are many ways to DIY wedding decor that can save you significantly on your wedding day. Budget-friendly options aside, a barn wedding can bring your wedding dreams to life. Use these decor ideas to guide or inspire you to throw the barn wedding of your dreams. 

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