• 05/03/2023

Affirmations for Relationships to Increase Confidence


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Love is everywhere, and everyone is deserving of it. You may have had an experience in your past that made you feel like you aren’t worthy of love or a good relationship. Your romantic relationship deserves to be successful because you deserve someone who will love you unconditionally. Here are some of the best affirmations for relationships that may help you feel a bit more confident with the person you love most of all.

3 Affirmations for Relationships That Are New

Getting into a new relationship can be exciting. Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel uncertain about yourself before you get to know your partner well. These are affirmations for relationships that still haven’t gotten to the point where you feel entirely comfortable with your partner. With a little time, you’ll get there and have a strong relationship.

1. I Deserve Love Just as I Am

It might still be a new thought to you that you deserve a good relationship. Your self-esteem is determined by how you think you are and what you think you should be, so you aren’t always the most unbiased judge of your character. Remember that you’re entitled to love, no matter who you are. You should always seek personal growth to become a better person, but you deserve to feel love at every stage of your journey.

2. My Relationship Is More Loving Every Day

Every day, you learn something new about your partner. Their small quirks are endearing to you. As you spend more time with one another, you’ll start to understand if they’re the one for you. Love will only increase when you’re with the right person.

3. I Let My Partner Know My Boundaries and Wants

Your partner won’t know how you want to be treated if you don’t communicate with them. Setting boundaries is a self-care practice that keeps you safe and helps you prioritize yourself without adding to your stress. Communicating effectively with your new partner will help them be a better significant other for you.

3 Affirmations for Relationships That Feel Uncertain

Every relationship experiences rocky moments. Romance can be difficult, especially when you settle into a roommate phase or have difficult circumstances that keep you apart for longer than you’d like. Here are some affirmations for relationships that feel a bit uncertain sometimes.

1. My Partner and I Are Committed to Each Other

When in doubt, remember all the times you and your partner have devoted yourselves to one another in the past. Your time together should culminate in the fact you love and trust one another very much. You have made a commitment to stay together through the bad times before — this obstacle is just another you’ll get through together.

2. I Communicate Openly About Problems

If you don’t talk to your partner about your problems, how are they supposed to know when you need extra help or care? Communication is crucial to any relationship, and listening is often more important than talking because it allows you to understand the other person. Practice your listening and talking skills with your significant other to work together to tackle anything.

3. I Consider My Partner’s Point of View

You may often wish that your partner could see things from your point of view. However, have you ever considered they may think the same thing? Allowing yourself to see conflicts and situations from your partner’s point of view can help avoid arguments. Consider their feelings in every situation, and you may notice that conflicts are easier to resolve over time.

3 Affirmations for Long-Distance Relationships

Not being around your greatest love for the majority of your days can be difficult. You may have plans to live closer in the future, but for now, things can be tough. Here are some reminders to get you through the day: affirmations for relationships that are just as strong, no matter the distance.

1. I Trust My Partner

If you know your partner well, you likely trust them. Trust is a major factor in any relationship, as it allows you to predict how your partner will act and react to certain situations. When you live far apart, it can be difficult to have trust in certain situations — but you and your partner need to trust one another to prove how strong your bond is.

2. My Partner and I Respect One Another Greatly

Respect is another major factor in long-distance relationships. If you respect one another, you’ll keep each other in mind when something comes up. Thinking of being together with your partner might influence some of the decisions you make. Treating one another with respect will ensure that you’re faithful to your partner, even when they’re not around.

3. I Can Take Time for Myself

In a long-distance relationship, you might feel like you have to be available at any moment, just in case your partner will be able to talk to you. It can cause a lot of unrest when you may not know when you can talk to your significant other next. Remember that it’s okay to take time for yourself as well. Try an easy activity, like getting your daily recommended 11 cups of water, and see how you feel. Over time, you may look forward to spending time alone like you anticipate spending time with your partner.

3 Affirmations for Loving Marriages

Just because you have a loving marriage doesn’t mean you’re immune to anxiety. Sometimes, you need an extra boost of reassurance. These affirmations for relationships that have weathered the tests of time might help you feel greater confidence and security in your union.

1. My Partner and I Are Happy and in Love

Marriage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but the good times definitely outweigh the bad. You want to remind yourself how happy and in love you and your partner are. After all, whether you’ve been married for several years or just a short time, you made those vows because you love one another. It’s okay to remind yourself sometimes.

2. My Marriage Is Secure and Full of Love

Some people don’t feel secure even when they’re married to someone. Anxiety happens sometimes, but you have to remind yourself of the facts: Your spouse married you for several reasons. They love you and are devoted to you. Try to remind yourself that unless something is very wrong, your marriage is secure.

3. I Am Devoted and Supportive

Marriage is a commitment. You and your spouse made vows to one another to stick by each other, even when things get rough. You both should try to stay in the “I Want To” stage of commitment, as it means you actively want to be married and feel joyful being around the person you love most. If your marriage feels stagnant, try to spark that passion again.

Try Affirmations for Relationships Every Day

Affirmations can transform you over time. Many people use affirmations to boost their self-esteem and feel more confident in every area of their lives. These affirmations for relationships can help you feel a bit more stable when your anxiety might be difficult to manage. Over time, these affirmations may be able to reshape your mindset and help you cultivate a more fulfilling relationship.

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