• 09/10/2021

8 Tips for Simple Natural Skincare for Oily Skin


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If you have oily skin, you may be wondering about the ways you can care for your skin as best as possible. Even though oily skin is sometimes talked about like a challenge to circumvent, having oily skin isn’t as bad as you may think! In fact, there are so many ways to work with your oily skin to create the hydrated, dewy look that so many people crave. Whether you struggle with breakouts, acne or simple oiliness, there are so many ways that you can naturally and simply care for your oily skin. Here’s how to improve your skincare for oily skin.

1. Always Moisturize

Even though your first instinct might be to avoid anything that adds more moisture to your skin, moisturizing is actually extremely important for all skin types, especially oily. Often, oily skin is exacerbated when your face feels dehydrated and compensates with an overproduction of natural oils. That’s why moisturizing every time you wash your face is crucial in skincare for oily skin. You can, however, seek out a lighter moisturizer that feels better on your face.

2. Avoid Comedogenic Oils

Now, just because your skin needs moisture doesn’t mean that you should dash to slather yourself in oil. While some oils can be extremely hydrating and nourishing to the skin, others are comedogenic, meaning that they clog the pores and create breakouts. If you want to use a face oil, make sure that you use a non-comedogenic oil such as rosehip oil or jojoba oil. Unfortunately, coconut oil and olive oil don’t quite make the cut.

3. Use Fragrance Free Products

This is a rule that can probably be applied to people of all skin types, but sensitive, oily skin can be especially in need of a natural, simple routine. In order to create this, avoiding fragrance in your products is one of the best things that you can do to keep your skincare for oily skin all natural.

4. Make Sure You Wash Twice a Day

Many people with combination or dry skin can get away with only washing in the evening. In fact, this technique is often better for people with dry skin. The exact opposite happens to be true for oily skin. Your skin needs consistent cleansing in order to get rid of the excess sebum and oil — that way, your pores don’t get clogged.

5. Pat Your Face Dry

If your skin is especially sensitive, you may notice a difference right away when you switch to patting your face dry rather than wiping a towel across your face. The abrasive action of dragging a towel across your skin can actually cause damage and sensitivity, which can worsen breakouts. Make sure that you are also using a clean, fresh towel that you replace regularly.

6. Avoid Abrasive Scrubs

Speaking of abrasion on the skin, scrubs and physical exfoliators like brushes and loofahs are no good when it comes to any skin type, but especially oily skin. Although it can feel good in the moment to smooth your skin out with a scrub, the abrasion on your face can create skin damage and can sensitize your skin even further. If you plan to exfoliate, try a chemical exfoliator instead.

7. Drink Lots of Water

When it comes to hydration, you can pretty much never have enough. Although many people will tell you that drinking water is the primary solution to all of your skin concerns, that isn’t exactly true. However, a lot of the things that come along with drinking water can be great for your skin — including eating more fruits and vegetables, limiting alcohol and sweets, drinking less caffeine and, of course, staying nourished and hydrated throughout the day. If you have oily skin, these factors can be transformative for your skin.

8. Search for an Alcohol-Free Toner

This tip is a little bit complicated, because it often feels counterintuitive. If you use a toner in your skincare routine, it can feel satisfying to use a toner that sucks the moisture right from your face, making your skin feel tight and dry. Although this might seem like the result you want from A toner, this can actually strip your skin of its natural oils and cause it to overproduce in return. Specifically, alcohol-based toners can be serious culprits of this.

Simple, Natural Oily Skincare

Oily skin can sometimes seem like a bit of a challenge. However, when you learn to care for the skin that you have and love the skin you’re in, you can move forward with all of the amazing and fun things that skincare has to offer. Do any of these tips surprise you?

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