• 08/11/2021

10 Ways to Encourage a Creative Flow State

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No matter what kind of creativity you want to practice, there is so much value in getting into a flow state. While it’s often true that creativity finds you working, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging your creativity and flow so the work you churn out is the best and most inspired that it can possibly be. Whether your creative flow will fuel a painting practice, writing, music or something else entirely, there is so much value in finding the best way to get truly inspired.

Of course, everyone is different. Really, it’s a beautiful thing — it means that everyone has their own way of finding inspiration. This also means that there are so many different methods to explore, and you can find the right one that works for you. No matter what you’re looking for, there are so many ways to make a creative flow emerge. Here are just a few ideas you can try out.

1. Move Your Body

For many people, exercising or finding a movement practice regularly can be inspiring. It gets the creative juices flowing and releases endorphins, which can make you feel happier and more energized. There are even yoga practices you can specifically seek out to enhance your creativity while you move.

2. Meditate

On the flip side, some people find stillness to be a great way to open the mind to new ideas. Especially if you have a busy life and a hectic schedule, making time for silence and stillness can encourage your best ideas to present themselves. 

3. Have a Ritual

While many people thrive on spontaneity, there is also some beauty in having a routine you truly love. One of the best ways to get your brain into the habit of creating is by doing it at the same time each day or having triggers that encourage you to feel more creative. Whether you like to put on a pot of tea before you create or you like to go for a walk, a ritual can help bring great ideas forward.

4. Talk About Your Project

Another great way to keep your project fresh and ready in your brain is to talk about it with others. While sharing your creative journey can be a vulnerable place, finding encouragement and community with others who are doing the same thing can be revolutionary. Start a writing group or an artist collective with a few close friends!

5. Journal

Journaling is another great place to explore your ideas, without the pressure of making something that others will see. A journal as a private space to explore your ideas and get into the flow before you start creating. A journal doesn’t even have to be written — It can be a journal of songs, art or poems.

6. Get Inspired

Sometimes, it can be helpful to consume art and content from other creatives in order to get into the flow. It often doesn’t feel like work to watch films, read books and look at art that inspires you, but it can help you spark ideas.

7. Use Your Circadian Rhythms

It’s no secret that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, and feeling well rested can be a key to creative freedom. But beyond that, you can use your sleep patterns to work at the times that are most optimal for you. If you are a natural night owl, working in the morning and forcing yourself to wake up early can cause more harm than good. Likewise, if you are a natural early riser, staying up late to work will likely leave you feeling burnt out. Listen to your body — it tends to tell you the truth.

8. Be Consistent

Okay, here comes the tip about creativity finding you when you’re already working. Although it can be a bit cheesy, it’s true that working consistently can help creative ideas come faster.

9. Unplug

Sometimes, putting the phone down and taking some time away from your screens can give your mind the space to explore and be creative. While unplugging can be a different experience for everybody, trying it out can help you find the ways that it works for you.

10. Reward Yourself

Everybody deserves a reward here and there. Whether it comes in the form of a treat following a job well done or a latte to help you get your creative juices flowing, giving yourself little rewards for your efforts can help you feel motivated.

Encouraging Your Creative Flow State

Creativity and the creative process are different for everybody, no matter what medium you practicing. Whether you’re facing a creative slump or you are just at the beginning of your journey into your artistic practice, there are so many ways you can encourage a creative flow state to get your best work out into the world. Which of these tips are you excited to try at your next creating session?

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