• 12/01/2020

10 Outfit Staples for Cozy Season


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As the weather outside gets a little more frightful, you can take the opportunity to make your outfits just a bit more delightful. Even though some people totally live for the summer outfits of the warmer months, there are so many options to dress things up and accessorize throughout the fall and winter. Whether you’re headed off to that cozy restorative yoga class in mid-December or you’re hitting the round of holiday parties on your roster, there are ways to dress super sweet for any occasion this cozy season. Here are a few outfit staples for cozy season.

1. Cropped Hoodie

Starting off casual, a cropped hoodie is a perfect wardrobe staple for a stylish, comfortable autumn and winter. With all the comfort and coziness of a regular hoodie, the crop makes things a little more versatile for other outfit pairings. You can wear a cropped hoodie with sweats to a football game, but you can also try it out with a denim skirt and tights for an evening out! If you can’t find an already cropped hoodie you love, you can always make your own, DIY style!

2. Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves have been pretty popular for quite a few years now, and there’s a good reason for that — they’re both cute and cozy! These scarves work with nearly any outfit, whether it’s dressed up or dressed down. Find one you really love in any color or pattern and make it your comfy signature this year! Truly one of the best outfit staples for cozy season!

3. Black Jeans

Black is classic, and that goes for black jeans just like it does with any other clothing item. Especially when it gets to be true winter, sometimes you just want an easy pair of pants that can go with anything, and a basic pair of black jeans will definitely do the trick for you.

4. Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks are so much more than just a fashion statement. They’re also warm and comfortable. Of course, these can be an outfit staple for the style element, but you can also wear knee-highs underneath a fully covered outfit for another layer of warmth. Especially if you’re spending a bit of time outdoors, it can’t hurt!

5. Basic Beanie

Speaking of staying warm, this is yet another wardrobe staple for the fall and winter alike, perfect for keeping you cozy and warm. There are also plenty of ways to wear a beanie for the winter and fall, from the slightly more fashionable ways to styling all bundled up. Whether you go for basic black or find another neutral that works for you, a basic beanie should always be in your rotation.

6. Layering Long Sleeves

If you love all of your summer clothes too much to give them up for half of the year, you’re in luck, because layering means you don’t have to! All you need are a few basic long sleeved tops to do the layering thing, and you can essentially keep all of your wardrobe staples from summer, too! Think nineties vibes, tank tops and lots of dynamic color combinations.

7. Waterproof Boots

This one is a bit more specific, because it sort of needs to be. Whether you’re prepping for the fall rain, the winter snow or everything in between, a staple pair of waterproof boots can make the real difference when it comes to your comfort throughout the colder months. Nobody likes soggy socks, no matter how much they can tough it through the cold.

8. Scrunchies

This one is a hair accessory, but it can definitely top off an outfit in the very best way. These are an easy accessory to procure, as they often come in variety packs so you can try out a range of colors. Matching a scrunchie to some of the details in your outfit can make you look put together and a little fun, which is perfect for those casual winter updos and classy stylings.

9. Actually Warm Tights

If you’re the kind to wear a skirt no matter the weather, this one is for you. Of course, any tights are better than no tights, but having a pair of tights that can actually keep you warm will allow you — and probably motivate you — to wear all of your cutest outfits, even when the weather is a bit nippy!

10. Thin Leggings

What? Thin leggings? Why? To layer underneath things, of course! Sometimes, even jeans aren’t enough to shield you from the winds while you’re taking that walk in the park or strolling to see the Christmas lights. Layer up, and you’ll be much happier.

Outfit Staples for Cozy Season!

There are so many ways to dress for cold weather, and everyone’s unique style can bring different elements to the same basics. Whether you’re the beanie kind of person or blanket scarf baddie, there are so many options to make this cozy season your best one yet!

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