• 09/03/2021

What to Do With Your Wedding Ring After Your Divorce: 5 Ideas


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Depending on the reasons for your divorce, you might feel anything from relief to despair after the papers make everything final. You might still need to do some heavy-duty emotional cleansing after completing the legal requirements. 

One item that might cause considerable internal conflict is your wedding ring. Here are five ideas for what to do with that memento of your past union. 

1. Have a Closure Ritual 

Humans have used rituals to mark beginnings and endings since time immemorial. Your entire ceremony was a type of culturally approved rite — why not give your marriage’s conclusion a formal sendoff? Doing so may help you find that elusive thing known as closure. 

Your ritual can consist of anything meaningful that helps you move on to the next chapter in life. Do you like the idea of creating a buried treasure for a future beachcomber to unearth? Why not take your ring to the seashore and bury it deep in the sand? It has a similar vibe to Rose’s act of throwing the heart of the ocean necklace into the depths at the end of “Titanic.” Plus, you never know how your sorrow might someday make someone’s day. 

You could also choose to keep your ring as part of your ritual. Perhaps you create a shadow box dedicated to your love that was and place it on a pillow within. This technique works well if you hope to share the story of your marriage with your children someday — you’ll have the perfect memento. 

2. Keep It For Your Kids 

What if it’s your tradition to pass down your wedding ring through the generations? You don’t want to give it away just because you got divorced. 

One option you have is renting a safe deposit box — this method has the advantage of getting the ring out of your home. It’s best if you tend to brood over old memories. You could also give it to another relative for safekeeping if you don’t like the associated emotions that follow each time you stumble upon your ring. 

3. Melt It Into Other Jewelry

If you love the gold and gemstones your setting features, why don’t you have your wedding ring made into a different piece of jewelry? That way, you don’t have to wear it on your ring finger, but you can still showcase your style. 

Talk to your jeweler about the best use for your piece. A simple way to put a spin on this method is to purchase a chain for your ring. If you and your ex had a mutual child in common, they could wear it as a necklace. Alternatively, you could have the gold melted to add to a bracelet or a pendant made from your diamond. 

If you wear a charm bracelet, perhaps one that already contains special symbols for each child, why not add your old wedding gemstone to it? You can have a charm made as part of your healing ritual. 

4. Perform an Act of Charity 

What if you don’t have any heirs to give your ring to, but you hate for the investment to go to waste? Why not perform an act of charity with your wedding ring?

One way to do so is by donating it to an auction designed to raise money for a cause of your choice. You can also take it to organizations like Goodwill and Dress for Success. Ensure you get a receipt for your kindness so that you can write off the deduction on your tax return. 

5. Sell It for the Cash

Maybe you aren’t independently wealthy. Perhaps the reality of your divorce left you facing unpleasant financial realities. If you find yourself in this boat, why not sell your ring to help ease your economic crisis? 

The advent of the internet makes it easier than ever to get top dollar for your wedding ring after your divorce. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the trusty pawnshop — they likewise offer a pretty return for your jewels. 

You can also go the auction route. Sites like eBay and Bidz make it a snap to sell your pieces to the highest bidder and maximize your profits. 

What Should You Do With Your Wedding Ring After Your Divorce? Consider These Ideas 

A wedding ring is a considerable investment but also a potent symbol of a love that once was. Cleanse your karma or get the cash you need with these five ideas for what to do with your jewelry after your divorce. 

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