• 11/28/2022

Mar del Plata Beaches Everyone Should Visit

Mar del Plata Beaches Everyone Should Visit

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There are many beautiful places to visit in Argentina, but beach lovers should plan an adventure to Mar del Plata. The area has an extensive coastline with numerous places to relax in the sun or splash in the waves. Check out a few Mar del Plata beaches everyone should visit if they’re planning a trip to Argentina.

1. Playa Grande

Many people in Mar del Plata visit Playa Grande every summer because it’s one of the most popular beaches. As the name suggests, it has plenty of room for summer crowds who want to have fun in the sun by building sandcastles or flying kites. 

There are also many businesses surrounding Playa Grande, like restaurants, hotels, and vacation condo buildings. If you’re looking to snap a few Instagram photos to log your trip, there will be plenty of opportunities to pose around town.

2. La Perla

La Perla is another popular beach because there’s so much room for the many people who travel to the coastline yearly. You’ll have plenty of room to set up an umbrella or shady tent and spread towels out on the sand for your whole family. Enjoy a few hours in the ocean before exploring the city of Mar del Plata, which starts right across the street. 

3. Playa de Chapadmalal

Anyone dreaming of a remote beach without crowds of tourists or noisy city streets should visit Playa de Chapadmalal. It’s a cliffside getaway that’s scenic and quiet. You’ll have an empty beach all to yourself, which is the perfect place to set up your family’s camping tent and spend a few nights under the stars.

If you need to stock up on food or want to visit local attractions, the city of Chapadmalal is right behind the cliff faces. Although it’s close, there’s enough space to get away from the sounds and lights on the beach.

4. Punta Mogotes

You might find the ultimate getaway hidden within Punta Mogotes. It’s a beach designed for everything a vacationer could need. Your family can rent an umbrella and beach chairs or an entire cabana. The sand is wide enough to accommodate the summer crowds but never too small to leave a comfortable amount of space between each group of people.

If you visit outside the peak summer season, you could join the locals who jog across the sand or search for shells in the early morning hours. The nearby restaurants and amenities will always be waiting with fresh seafood and extra fun, no matter when you visit.

5. Playa Varese

There are private and public parts of Playa Varese, so arrive early if you want a closed-off space for yourself or your family. People start setting up tents early in the day because this beach is such a popular spot in Mar del Plata.

Rolling hills of green grass frame the beach and a few apartment buildings with rental units for tourists. You’ll love the alcove vibe of Playa Varese and the numerous bike rental shops nearby that help people explore the city without paying for a rental car.

Consider These Mar del Plata Beaches

Now that you know of a few Mar del Plata beaches that are popular with locals and tourists alike, start planning a visit for next summer. No matter which location you choose, you’ll have a fantastic time because these beaches have something for everyone.

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