• 06/27/2022

The Best Travel Instagram Tips for Budding Influencers

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Plenty of people dream about traveling the world and posting about their adventures on Instagram. Very few understand how to make that dream a reality. Check out this guide to learn the best travel Instagram tips for anyone who wants to become an influencer. You could turn your passion for travel into a lucrative career if you know how to use the app for more than personal posts.

1. Find Your Travel Niche

There are many different types of traveling, so it’s easier to curate content if you have one or two specific focuses. Think about which kinds of travel you most enjoy to narrow down your niche options. It will also help you reach your particular audience, like people who want to learn about glamping or want to see posts about staying at luxury resorts.

2. Get a High-Quality Camera

Your Instagram account won’t succeed if you only post low-quality photos. Sometimes your phone might be able to handle the occasional snap, but you should look into a high-quality camera that will support your future as an influencer. Find a model that’s easy to travel with and has features you’ll need, like underwater capabilities or automatic light balancing for evening or nightly activities. 

3. Jump on Travel Trends

There are trends for everything, especially for travelers. See what other influencers are posting about and which hashtags have the most users. You can tailor your schedule to post about the most prominent trends, like indulging in selfie travel or only venturing to locations that have to do with your heritage.

4. Demonstrate Your Preparation Routine

People will follow your account for your high-definition photos and relatable captions, but they also want to learn from you. It’s helpful to write captions explaining how you prepare for each trip so your followers can also live their dreams. Talk about how you create a packing list for backpacking or what you need to bring on boating adventures. People will continue to follow you if your posts show how achieving your dreams is possible.

5. Show Off Your Accommodations

Many travel influencers schedule time to take great pictures of their accommodations. Show off the luxury amenities included in your stay or the views from your room. If your follower count becomes large enough to give you a sizable audience, the brand could potentially sponsor your future visits in exchange for marketing opportunities in your posts. Consider this common goal while browsing your accommodation options and pick which places you’ll show off to your followers.

6. Add a Few Videos

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to connect with your audience through videos. They complement photography content by humanizing you in real-time to an audience of followers who want to know more about you. Post videos that reveal new sides to your brand, like your sense of humor or struggles you overcome during a trip.

7. Interact With Your Followers

Interacting with followers is one of the most overlooked travel Instagram tips. They may lose interest and unfollow your account if you feel unreachable. Use the Instagram Stories feature to post polls, ask for advice or answer their questions.

You can also respond to comments under each of your posts, but be mindful if you decide to take that road. Some comments may not be good for your mental health if they’re negative or unknowingly touch on your insecurities. A social media assistant can take over comment responses if it’s too much for your wellbeing. 

8. Use Hashtags Wisely

Everyone has seen Instagram posts that end in a dozen hashtags or more. It looks spammy and generally desperate for likes or new followers. It’s smarter to pick hashtags based on what’s trending and which get the most interactions for other travel influencers. Your account will benefit from limited hashtags that show up in related search results than many hashtags that very few people use to find content.

9. Connect With Other Influencers

Networking is an essential part of any career, including being a travel influencer. After you’ve gained a following, reach out to influencers who post similar travel content. You could work together on posts or a series of videos and grow your following by sharing exposure. It’s better not to think of influencers as competition. Instead, work with them to learn from their experience and establish a positive reputation in the industry.

10. Offer Tips and Tricks

Followers want to see inspirational content in their feeds, but they also want influencers who provide actionable tips. Regularly include advice features so your followers can recreate your travel experiences. Talk about how you get deals on plane tickets, the best ways to find destination activities and how to make travel possible with a busy schedule. Relatable content that’s useful for your followers will encourage them to stick around long-term.

Try These Best Travel Instagram Tips

Anyone can use these travel Instagram tips to start an account, gain followers and become successful while living their dreams. Consider where you’d like to travel and how you’ll plan your content to get started on an account that makes you a big name in the travel influencer industry.

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