• 02/10/2023

What To Do For Your 5th Wedding Anniversary


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Five years is a long time, but you can probably still remember your wedding like it was yesterday. Since it is a milestone anniversary, you want to make your 5th wedding anniversary as special as possible. With some thought and care, you and your partner can celebrate the best anniversary yet.

Traditional Themes for 5th Wedding Anniversary

Most anniversaries have a traditional theme, depending on how long you’ve been married. Some people like to adhere to the traditional themes of anniversaries. Many people recognize the 50th anniversary as the “golden” anniversary, where people give their partners something made of gold.

For a traditional 5th wedding anniversary, you should find something made of wood for your partner. Wood lasts a long time and looks beautiful in any home, making these gifts much more valuable.

1. Wooden Items

Traditional wedding anniversary presents don’t really specify what kind of wood to get your partner, so you’re free to choose whatever you like best or what matches the idea in your head closest. You can decide to pick out a wooden statue of something they like, such as a mascot from their favorite sports team. You might opt for a decorative item like coasters or an engraving. Other people might see more use in practical things, like cutting boards. Choosing a wooden gift means analyzing what you and your partner prioritize.

2. Silverware

A more modern take on the traditionally themed anniversary gifts is silverware. Purchasing new, upgraded tableware will likely be a better investment for you and your partner than a wooden decoration. Still, it’s all up to what you value and what you currently need for yourselves or your home. Your daily silverware may have taken a beating over the past five or so years, so it might be time to get an upgrade — though it doesn’t need to be fancy unless you want it to be.

3. Ring Upgrade

Now that you’re presumably settled in your careers and lifestyles, you might be able to afford a bit more for your 5th wedding anniversary than you could when just starting out. A great option is to upgrade your wedding and engagement rings. If you didn’t opt for a diamond ring initially and went for a softer ring like an opal, now might be the time to upgrade to a more dazzling ring if you want one.

No-Waste Gift Ideas for Your Partner

If you don’t want to follow the traditional gifts for a 5th wedding anniversary, consider trying out something memorable together that will result in no waste in a way that items cannot. Sustainable gift giving keeps you mindful of the resources you use and allows you to enjoy greater experiences than simply giving material items. If you want to opt for a physical gift, try choosing something from a small business that could use your support instead of a larger corporation.

1. Vacation

The best gift that you and your partner can give each other is a vacation away from the stressors of home and work life. If you can afford it, try to revisit your honeymoon destination and see what it’s like five years later. You may not want to do everything you did on your honeymoon, but simply visiting the same place can bring up old memories that leave you cherishing the present you have with your partner.

2. Vow Renewal

People typically do vow renewals on “milestone anniversaries,” like the 5th or 10th. This year is your best time to get in an early vow renewal if you just can’t wait to celebrate you and your partner again. All it means is that you go over your vows to one another again and make amendments if you want to. These ceremonies are special, as you can include family members like children or pets that weren’t in your original wedding ceremony. It’s a great way to celebrate such a momentous anniversary.

3. Local Tourism

If you can’t afford a vacation or can’t leave town for too long, being a tourist in your local city is a great way to get reacquainted with your surroundings. When was the last time you explored your own city with the love of your life? You can book a hotel in the heart of your town for as little as a night or as long as a week. See things through tourists’ eyes and visit local restaurants and attractions like museums or ethical zoos. Above all, enjoy your time with each other.

Make Your 5th Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Your 5th wedding anniversary deserves to be a memorable one. Whether a worthwhile experience or a thoughtful gift for your partner, make sure your celebration reflects who the two of you are. You’ll find that some of the best anniversaries are when it’s just the two of you, enjoying one another’s company and looking back on how you’ve grown and all the memories you’ve made over the years.

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