• 03/07/2020

What Is a Scalp Detox? Everything You Need to Know

What Is a Scalp Detox Everything You Need to Know

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Sometimes people experience an occasional itch under their hair and see a few flakes of dandruff fall on their shoulders. If that happens more often than not, your scalp might need help. Dandruff shampoo is a great tool, but it might not be what your body needs. If you’re still struggling with dry skin under your hair, read this guide to learn more about doing a scalp detox to solve the problem.

What Is a Scalp Detox?

You’ve likely heard about detox teas or diets. They’re supposed to cleanse your body and help you reach your wellness goals, but that’s not all a detox can do. It can also exfoliate dry skin and reactivate hair follicles. The process will cleanse your pores of product buildup and restore your scalp to its full health.

When Is it Necessary?

It’s tempting to add a scalp detox to your daily routine, but that’s not necessary. You should only think about performing a detox when consistent dryness or flakiness becomes a nuisance. You might also need to consult a dermatologist if skin issues run in your family. Common conditions that cause dryness and irritation include:

  • Ichthyosis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Perioral dermatitis
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

The dryness could also indicate a need for nutritional improvement. Most people know that their nutrition regulates their mental health, but it also keeps their skin healthy. Without vitamins and minerals, the cellular regeneration process struggles to occur.

Benefits of a Scalp Detox

There are a few key benefits to a scalp detox that motivate people to try it. Consider if they could improve your comfort or skin health.

Repetition Helps Your Sleep

Forming an evening routine will help you achieve deeper sleep, so make scalp detoxing part of your weekly or monthly routine. Doing something familiar will slow your racing thoughts and prepare you for a better night of rest.

Your Hair Quality Will Improve

Hair needs natural oils to stay soft and healthy, but it won’t get that oil if your scalp remains dry. If you plan to wear an updo down the aisle or change your hairstyle, scalp detoxing could make it easier to achieve the look you want.

Grease Will Disappear Overnight

Your natural hair might not be overly greasy, but hair products can build up over time. Sticky matting or shiny streaks across your scalp will disappear with a detox or two because it removes the buildup that hangs around your follicles.

A woman stands with her hands in her curly hair.

How to Detox Your Scalp

Follow these simple steps to detox your scalp in just a few minutes. Anyone can do it at home without professional cosmetology training.

Step 1: Make a Hair Mask

Creating a homemade hair mask is easier than it sounds. It only needs three ingredients that work on a budget — apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay powder and aloe vera gel. The bentonite powder contains essential minerals that remove impurities like chemicals and heavy metals.

Aloe vera soothes irritated dry skin and apple cider vinegar reduces any lingering cellular inflammation. After mixing all three ingredients, you’re ready to apply the mask.

Step 2: Massage It Into Your Scalp

Generously apply the mask onto your scalp and massage it around your follicles. Rinse your hands off and cover your head with a shower cap after finishing. It should sit on your scalp for at least 20 minutes while remaining damp.

Step 3: Rinse With White Vinegar

One cup of white vinegar will remove impurities and the mask from your hair. Rinse everything out over the tub or while standing in the shower. A clarifying shampoo will gently cleanse your hair before another round of rinsing with warm water.

How Is it Done Professionally?

You might start to wonder what makes your home detox different from what you could buy in a salon. The mask ingredients will remain relatively the same, but you’ll also get a steaming option before applying the mask to loosen the grease. Your salon specialist will also use high-quality shampoo and conditioner to complete your look.

Can You Detox Natural Hair?

The texture and curl of natural hair might make it more challenging to reach your scalp with a mask, but don’t worry. It’s entirely possible to detox natural hair — you just need a few extra supplies. Look for a mask bag with a pointed nozzle to get closer to your roots. You’ll also have better results if you remove all tangles before sectioning your hair with frizz-free scrunchies. 

When Should You Schedule an Appointment?

If you try a scalp detox and don’t have any significant change in your comfort or appearance, you may need to visit a salon. Extra flakiness or burning may also mean that your homemade mask isn’t right for your scalp. A professional will know which type of mask works best with your hair and skin type or recommend visiting a dermatologist to discuss an underlying skin condition.

Try a Scalp Detox

Now that you know how to create and apply a scalp detox mask, try it for yourself. You could solve your itchy hairline problems or treat yourself to a beauty appointment at a local salon. Either way, you’re about to feel and look better than ever before.

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