• 08/05/2022

The 10 Best Wedding Day Snacks

Best Wedding Day Snacks

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Everyone’s looking forward to your wedding, but they’ll get hangry if they don’t get food throughout the day. You’ll also need a nice snack and beverage pairing to feel your best, so check out the best wedding day snacks that please brides and their guests.

Why You Need to Prepare Snacks

Your reception caterers will prepare your appetizers, entrees and desserts, but your guests may have to wait hours before sitting down to eat. They’ll get hungry during your cocktail hour and you’ll definitely need something delicious while getting your hair and makeup done.

Snacks keep everyone in a good mood and restore their energy. It’s best to make them available while you’re getting ready and even before your ceremony starts so no one has to feel their stomach rumble uncomfortably.

The Best Wedding Day Snacks

While planning your ceremony and reception, consider including these wedding day snacks to make the experience more enjoyable.

1. A Tray of Fresh Berries

Berries are a refreshing, sweet treat that most people enjoy. Combine and wash a variety to please all of your hungry guests. Berries also work with wedding trends like edible centerpieces because you can turn them into a fruit display with layered colors and textures.

Cups filled with a varity of berries.

2. Mini Sandwiches

You’ll want something hearty to eat if you’re getting ready around lunch. Take everyone’s order and get mini sandwiches. They won’t make a mess or ruin your lipstick while providing a hearty meal full of protein.

3. A Vegetable Tray

Veggies are another way to eat something that doesn’t lead to uncomfortable bloating. Although catering typically comprises 25% of wedding budgets, you can cut that cost with store-bought veggie trays for your snacks.

4. Crackers and Cheese Dip

Most people enjoy crackers dipped in cheese, but you can also provide gluten-free, dairy-free versions for guests with food sensitivities. Serve the dips in mason jars to match your reception centerpieces and create a cohesive theme for your big day.

5. Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa is another snack alternative to crackers and cheese dips. Pair tortilla chips with a mild salsa that everyone can enjoy even if they’re sensitive to spice.

Chips and salsa on a wooden board.

6. Trail Mix

Packets of trail mix are some of the best wedding day snacks. They don’t make a mess, won’t stain your gown and arrive in sanitary containers that guests can grab while mingling.

7. Granola Bars

There are so many flavors of granola bars, so get a variety for your guests. Whether they like granola bars with chocolate chips, peanut butter or fruit, they can eat one without extra hassle. Granola is also easy for brides to eat while makeup artists work their magic.

8. Snack Packs

Grocery aisles are full of snack packs for affordable prices. Get a big box with mini bags of chips, crackers and candies so everyone can satisfy their cravings before your ceremony starts.

9. Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn is a budget-friendly food that’s easy to prepare with flavors and custom containers before your wedding day. Find snack bags that match your wedding theme or establish a popcorn bar that stays full throughout the night. Either way, guests of all ages will love eating it before your reception meal.

A person scoops popcorn from a machine.

10. Fruit Salad

You can’t go wrong with fruit salads. Place bowls out for your guests and around the rooms where you’ll get ready for your ceremony. Toothpicks or spoons can move the fruit into small bowls so everyone remains energized and happy.

Plan Your Wedding Day Snacks

Consider these wedding day snacks while planning the menu for your big day. Everyone will love these classic ideas because they’re familiar, tasty and enjoyable.

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