• 05/04/2022

Vitamin IV Therapy: Pros and Cons of This Popular Wellness Treatment

There are many pros and cons of vitamin IV therapy

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Science continuously advances the wellness world so everyone can feel in sync with their body’s needs. Many years ago, researchers created a liquid treatment to help people get the essential nutrients they need to mentally and physically thrive. Read on to learn more about vitamin IV therapy pros and cons before deciding if it’s something that could boost your wellness routine.

1. Pro: You’ll Directly Absorb Nutrients

When someone’s sick in the hospital, they get an IV bag that keeps them hydrated. You’ve likely seen the plastic bags holding the clear liquid in medical shows or your doctor’s office. Vitamin IV therapy is exactly like that, except the liquid contains all the vitamins your body needs. It’s an alternative solution to swallowing a daily vitamin pill or strategizing a complex healthy diet.

2. Con: Vitamin IV Therapy Involves Needles

Nobody likes the idea of getting poked with a needle, but some people have a chronic fear of it. You may have trypanophobia if the thought of needles causes dizziness or fainting in addition to anxiety or panic. If that’s the case, this type of therapy may not be suitable for you. Talk with your doctor if you’re unsure which nutritional supplement is best for your health.

Vitamin IV therapy has many pros and cons.

3. Pro: Health Conditions Won’t Prohibit Nutrient Absorption

Some physical health conditions inflame the digestive tract, which would normally absorb nutrients from each meal. Inflammation can prevent timely digestion, even when your body gets vitamins directly from a daily pill or gummy. Accessing nutrients through an IV circumvents the digestive tract so you’ll automatically get more nutrients to balance your mental health and promote better physical health.

4. Con: Injection Increases Infection Risks

Anything that pierces your skin will increase your risk of infection. IV therapy does present this risk, although the medical professional that inserts your needle will also clean the skin and apply a bandaid after your treatment ends. This is a notable feature to consider if you’re immunocompromised and can’t risk a minor infection.

5. Pro: You’ll Get a Natural Energy Boost

If you’ve tried everything from melatonin gummies to reducing your blue light exposure to get better sleep and still struggle with your energy levels, vitamin IV therapy can help. The nutrients go directly to your organs, promoting bodily functions like deeper sleep and REM cycles.

6. Con: Bruising Can Occur

IV needles are tiny because they should minimize bruising and bleeding. Still, they have to inject into your veins and break through vascular lining or muscle tissue in the process. People with significant nutritional deficiencies can experience that more often. You might also have slight bruising from vitamin IV therapy if there isn’t enough pressure on the muscle as a medical professional withdraws the needle.

7. Pro: You Might Lose Weight More Easily

There are many ways to lose weight — you can exercise more, stop drinking alcohol or even avoid high caloric foods like meat. Although sticking with a meatless diet provides essential plant-based nutrients that can kickstart weight loss, eating healthier isn’t the only way to lose weight. Vitamin IV therapy supplies your body with vitamins that rev your metabolism, which might help you break through a weight-loss plateau caused by age, previous diets or ongoing prescription medications.

Vitamin IV therapy has many pros and cons for your health.

8. Con: It Takes Some Time

Some people prefer taking a vitamin pill every day because it’s faster. IV therapy requires a clinic visit that gives your body enough time to absorb the entire vitamin dosage. Busy schedules can prevent people from accessing this wellness treatment.

You can always use helpful time management tips to readjust your schedule for vitamin IV therapy appointments if it’s something you want to try. Reflect on your most essential daily activities and perform a time audit to minimize wasted time on unnecessary commitments. 

9. Pro: You’ll Quickly Conquer Dehydration

IV therapies send hydrating liquids and nourishing vitamins straight to your organs instead of waiting for the digestive tract to distribute them throughout the day. It’s an effective way to conquer dehydration after experiencing an extended illness or when the occasional hangover keeps you from feeling your best.

10. Con: You’ll Need Professional Assistance

A nurse must insert the IV needle for any liquid vitamin treatment. They must also be present to remove it safely when your appointment ends. It’s more costly than buying a bottle of vitamins at a store, which could prevent people on a budget from accessing this treatment without adjusting their current financial routine.

Discover Vitamin IV Therapy Pros and Cons

Everyone should learn the vitamin IV therapy pros and cons to decide if it’s something that might benefit their health and wellness. It’s a direct way to boost your health and potentially solve other complications like the inability to sleep or a lack of energy. Talk with your doctor if you have any questions before scheduling an appointment with a local IV therapy clinic.

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