• 08/06/2019

Top Caribbean Duty-Free Shopping Destinations

duty-free Caribbean shopping

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People planning to visit the Caribbean islands this year want to have a good time. They want to find fun places to explore and relax in, which means they’ll come prepared to spend some money. After the cash conversion, they’ll have to find out how they can spend their saved-up vacation money so they don’t go home with converted cash. That means they’ll be looking for duty-free shopping destinations, which all offer a little something different. Here are just some of the top Caribbean duty-free shopping destinations that tourists will stop by this year. The major discounts will draw people in, and the top-quality vacation experience they leave with will bring them back for more trips in the future.

1. St. Thomas

The capital city of wherever tourists go will always try to be bigger and better than what’s around it. St. Thomas is no different, as it’s home to many shops and restaurants that tourists enjoy. Shops along the main streets feature products of all kinds, allowing tourists to purchase up to $1,600 of goods duty-free. There’s also a popular shopping location called Havensight near the cruise ship terminal.

2. St. Maarten

Although the top half of the island is known as Saint Martin and controlled by the French, the bottom half of St. Maarten is a popular Caribbean destination. It has a distinct European touch to the architecture that blends with the warm welcome everyone gets when they arrive. The capital city is where tourists will go for the best deals. Philipsburg is known for being a place where international designers go to sell. There are plenty of bargains to be had with clothing and accessories, especially jewelry.

3. Bahamas

The Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands, but only a few are booming tourist spots. Nassau, the capital city, is a place where people visit from around the world just for shopping. Markets, stores and shops line the streets. Tourists can find anything from handwoven home decor to the finest jewelry, all at discounted prices. After tourists get tired of being in the city, there’s an entire 12-acre waterfront market that has even more duty-free shopping to explore.

4. Barbados

Many people sail to Barbados every year, making it a popular place for tourists to stop by as they travel the Caribbean. Visitors can find the small-town places to eat and relax, but they can also stop by Bridgetown, which is where they’ll discover Cave Shepherd. Cave Shepherd is the island’s biggest department store, which houses duty-free shops like Madison’s Duty-Free Inc. All the usual products can be found, along with some unique finds like cocktail dresses and evening gowns. It’s a place many tourists visit when they need fancier clothes for a night out on the town.

5. Antigua

Resorts have popped up all over Antigua, so the area has found itself handling an increase in tourists in recent years. The duty-free shopping has followed not far behind, so tourists planning to stop by Antigua will have plenty to choose from. If tourists have time on the island, they shop at Heritage Quay. The shop provides cigarettes and alcohol at a discounted price, whereas other places have to up-charge because of shipping. Heritage Quay is only a few minutes from the most popular resorts, as well as the historic Redcliffe Quay area, so tourists travel back and forth easily throughout the day.

6. George Town

There are certain places around the world known as tax havens, and George Town is one of them. Located in the Grand Cayman islands, it has duty-free shopping for anything a tourist could want while they’re away from home. George Town offers uncommon finds like unique watches, crystal and even rare coins. The biggest bonus may be that all the duty-free shops are located right next to the main cruise ship terminal. Whether tourists are arriving or leaving the island, there’s always a chance to buy tax-free goods.

7. Grenada

Tourists vacation in Grenada to take in the picturesque town. Situated on the waterfront with rolling green mountains in the background, it looks like it jumped straight out of a picture frame. Along the rows of colorful buildings in the downtown area, tourists can find duty-free shops that offer both luxury products and goods made by local residents and businesses. People who want to spend their money to benefit the local economy can still do so while purchasing duty-free products in Grenada.

8. Jamaica

Jamaica is a classic tourist destination in the Caribbean that knows how to handle the large number of visitors it gets every year. The capital city, Kingston, and the major resort towns of Negril and Montego Bay all have duty-free shops. These shops sell cigars and rum in addition to the typical findings of jewelry and clothing. They also accept exchanged cash, foreign bills and even credit cards.

Explore Every Option

No matter where tourists plan to stop in the Caribbean this year, they have plenty of duty-free shopping options to choose from. They should always have their passport and plane ticket on hand because stores often require one or both to be presented at check out. Once both are packed away in a travel bag, tourists will be ready to shop tax-free at the most popular Caribbean destinations.

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