• 11/04/2022

5 Things to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit

wedding emergency kit

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You don’t want anything to mar your big day. However, life doesn’t stop because you’re getting married, and Murphy’s law dictates that the unexpected happens. Will you have a wedding emergency kit ready?

What will you do if a bridesmaid accidentally spills her merlot on your white gown? What if your maid of honor twists her ankle since it’s her first time wearing heels? 

A savvy bride knows to prepare for any eventuality. Here are five things to include in a wedding emergency kit. 

1. A First Aid Kit 

Your flower girl gets stung by a bee before she can scatter rose petals down the aisle. What to do? If you brought the right first aid kit, the answer is as simple as reaching for the tweezers, pulling out the offending stinger and popping a bit of antibiotic on the wound. 

What should you include in a wedding day first aid kit? Here are some essentials to add to your bag: 

  • Large, absorbent compress bandages
  • Various smaller adhesive bandages in assorted sizes 
  • Adhesive tape
  • Antibiotic ointment 
  • Aspirin and non-aspirin painkillers 
  • An emergency blanket
  • PPE, including a breathing mask for CPR and latex gloves
  • Gauze 
  • Thermometer, scissors, tweezers

Also, it’s wise to include prescription medications in your wedding emergency kit, especially if you plan a destination wedding. What should you do if you need refrigerated items? You can DIY a cooler for your medications or try calling your drug manufacturer — they often have travel kits the sales reps give to doctor’s offices as incentives, and they often provide the same to patients free of charge upon request. 

2. A Sewing and Stain Repair Kit 

One of your bridesmaids accidentally steps on your gown, and you hear a rip. There are only minutes before the ceremony — no time to call the tailor. What should you do?

It’s not the end of the world if you have a sewing kit. Even though all eyes will be on you, nobody in the audience will notice your speedy repair job. After the ceremony, you can take your dress for a proper repair when you take it in to have it preserved for posterity. 

What about stains? Anything red is a demon because of the tannins that work like a dye. Acting quickly is essential, so have a DIY solution at the ready. However, you might not trust homemade preparations — if you go commercial, test it on a less expensive piece of clothing before your big day. 

3. A Makeup and ‘Do Refresher 

Are you planning a beach wedding? All that sand and sun can leave your locks limp and droopy and your skin as shiny as a freshly waxed Corvette. If you don’t want to glow like a drippy, soggy puppy in your pictures, you need a way to revive your look. 

What should you bring? It’s as unique as you and your wedding destination. For example, you might need blotting papers galore for a tropical “I do,” but worry more about wiping a runny nose if you get hitched in Maine in January. 

Those with fine tresses should invest in miniature versions of their favorite styling products — you might need a bit more hairspray than you feel comfortable using on an ordinary day. Curly hair folks might prefer a conditioning mist to tame frizz arising from dry, indoor air. A pressed powder compact that matches your skin tone is ideal for refreshing your look and camouflaging those raccoon rings your mascara left when you got a bit misty at the altar. 

4. A Little Something for the Nervous Tummy 

Your wedding day will inevitably come with at least a few jitters. What should you bring to tame your nervous tummy? 

You might not feel like eating much before the big celebration. However, putting something in your stomach is vital — you don’t want to risk feeling woozy. A few crackers with peanut butter or trail mix can keep your energy levels stable during all the pre-game festivities. 

Whatever you do, please don’t drink alcohol to excess, especially on an empty stomach. Instead, consider one of these herbal mocktails designed to soothe your nerves without making you tipsy. 

5. Tending to Littles and Adult Guests 

You may be the star of the show, but to be a good host, you have to consider your guests. What might those with children appreciate? It doesn’t take too much out of your budget to supply a few dollar-store activity and coloring books and crayons. Brides with bigger bankrolls might consider hiring professional babysitters to allow parents to enjoy the festivities without having to mind their little ones constantly. 

Adults also have needs. Out-of-towners might not know how to get a ride service in your location if they have one too many. If you can’t help them with a shuttle, talk to a local cab company or coordinate with Uber to provide transportation for those who shouldn’t drive. It’s much better than including the number of a good DUI attorney in your wedding emergency kit! 

Furthermore, those who traveled a considerable distance might want tips for what to do for the rest of their vacation. Can you point them to local hotspots they might enjoy? It takes little for you to grab tourist brochures from local businesses, and your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit 

You don’t want disaster to mar your big day. However, the unexpected happens — are you prepared? 

Knowing what to include in your wedding emergency kit is half the battle. You’ll sail through minor big-day headaches and have more time to focus on the one you love. 

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