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The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Shopping in Paris

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Shopping in Paris

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Most people want to visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and try the world-renowned food at famous restaurants. Although there’s plenty of tourist activities to try during your next vacation, don’t forget to arrive with plenty of spending money. After reading this ultimate guide to luxury shopping in Paris, you’ll need a few extra suitcases to bring home your newest clothes and accessories.

1. Rue Saint-Honoré

There are many famous luxury districts to visit in Paris, but you should start with Rue Saint-Honoré. It’s one of the most historic places because it’s the heart of the city. Each street features high-quality home decor displays, jewelry shops and even five-star gourmet desserts.

Rue Saint-Honoré also has designer boutiques that draw visitors from around the world. Coco Chanel got its start in the district and Rue Cambon’s original store is still open. You can even visit Zadig & Voltaire’s new shop, which merges the latest fashion trends with tasteful art pieces.

2. Avenue des Champs-Elysées

If you’ve ever turned on the TV during France’s Bastille Day Military Parade or the Tour de France, you’ll recognize Avenue de Champs-Elysées on sight. It’s where the country hosts its most well-known events and it’s home to many high-fashion brands.

Louis Vuitton’s shop has a gilded dome that’s impossible to miss while you’re looking at the displays in windows for Guerlain, Cartier and Hugo Boss down the street. It’s the perfect place to pose for an Instagram update and renovate your wardrobe with exclusive pieces from the fashion industry leaders.

3. Boulevard Haussmann

You might not think about luxury shopping in Paris when you think about department stores, but Boulevard Haussmann will change your mind. It’s been a department store district since the 19th century, thanks to Galeries Lafayette and Printemps.

Explore the numerous floors dedicated to all things fashion between stunning shoes and free events in the district. If you’re overwhelmed by options, look to the experts by reading about what travel enthusiasts love to do while they’re in the area. You’ll figure out exactly where you want to shop by learning about their experiences.

4. Avenue Montaigne

Many travelers agree that the only place more gorgeous than Rue Saint-Honoré is Avenue Montaigne. Givenchy, Armani and Fendi spared no expense in creating stunning venues for their high-end shoppers. Each luxury brand offers unique retail therapy on a street lined with arching trees and benches. Take a break to get some fresh air in between trying on clothes with all of your favorite brands.

5. Triangle D’or & L’avenue Des Champs-Elysées

If you think you’ve seen everything Avenue des Champs-Elysées has to offer, you’re not even close to being done for the day. Many other fashion brands await your wallet farther down the street. The Guerlain boutique seasonal racks will draw your eye even after a long day of shopping.

Anyone looking for price tags closer to mid-range budgets can check out the clothing and accessories available at the nearby Zara, Sephora and Abercrombie & Fitch stores. They’ll always keep tabs on the latest trends and supply their shoppers with everything they need for their luxury wardrobes.

6. La Vallée Village

You can still fly home with a few luxury goods even if you don’t have a big shopping budget. Just stop by La Vallée Village to see the many discount designer stores outside of the city. Michael Kors and Burberry send their latest designs to the village, plus Armani, Carolina Herrerra and Ferragamo. 

Before leaving home, look for upcoming sales to learn which price tags are a bargain and which are high-end. Some sales depend on the season and not traditional holidays, like Black Friday discounts. No matter when you want to go luxury shopping in Paris, you can find the best clothes at your preferred prices.

7. Village Saint Paul

Village Saint Paul has everything you could need during a Paris vacation centered solely on shopping. It has numerous high-end brands that feature specialty items in an easy-to-find district. You’ll also discover countless independent artists that design clothes, create art galleries and even sell historical collections.

Don’t worry about leaving the area to grab a bite to eat either. There are many bistros to try, like modern cafes or restaurants tucked into ancient buildings and courtyards.

8. Rue Coquillière

Your dream shopping trip shouldn’t leave home decor out of the question, especially when you can visit Rue Coquillière. It’s a food market that also sells kitchenware you can’t find anywhere else. Upgrade your baking pans, pots, knives and even your wine opener while browsing the specialty cookware along the street. Tableware is also available, so don’t miss out on seasonal dish sets or luxury china before returning home.

Enjoy Luxury Shopping in Paris

There are so many places to add to your bucket list while you’re daydreaming about luxury shopping in Paris. Think about what you’d like to bring home to find the best brands and locations that will make your high-end shopping experience one for the books.

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