• 02/26/2023

8 Self-Love Ideas Anyone Can Try

Self-Love Ideas Anyone Can Try

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Appreciating yourself doesn’t always come naturally. You may have lower self-esteem than you’d like or a busy schedule that prevents any self-care time. Self-love ideas shouldn’t change your entire routine, so find inspiration in these simple tricks anyone can try to boost their self-confidence.

1. Practice Saying No

When someone doesn’t prioritize their emotional limits over the demands of others, they often feel stressed or burnt out. Self-love means being your best advocate. Sometimes that means saying no to someone when you don’t have any energy, focus or emotional support left to give.

Starting this self-love idea may not feel natural initially, but it’s a positive step forward. Remember to identify what’s important to you at the moment and where your energy level stands when evaluating if you should accept another responsibility.

2. Try That New Hobby

In a world where hobbies become passive income streams, denying your interests is easy if it doesn’t seem like a promising side hustle. The truth is that your hobbies are fun outlets that teach you what you love. Get that cake decorating kit or learn to apply makeup like your favorite makeup artist. Growing into yourself and loving your identity means trying what interests you just for fun.

3. Kick Perfectionism to the Curb

Perfectionism may seem ideal, but it’s limiting. No one can do everything perfectly all the time, so you’ll only end up disappointed in yourself for not achieving the statistically impossible outcome. Give yourself space to make mistakes and learn from them. You’ll have a much better relationship with yourself for your effort.

4. Start a Gratitude Journal

If you’re always criticizing yourself, try starting a gratitude journal. You could record one thing every day that you appreciate about yourself to gain a more positive perspective. The empty pages could also be a chance to work on your mental health if you have the time for more writing.

5. Check In With Your Emotions Daily

Sometimes you’ll have days where you’re full of energy. Other days will be harder to get through. Check in with your emotional state every day. When you start going easier on yourself during anxious or sad times, you’ll treat yourself with more self-love.

6. Eat Healthier Foods

Processed foods can be delicious, but they don’t support your health as well as whole foods. Eat a healthy snack or meal every day to provide your body with more nutrients. It’ll be easier to regulate your energy and emotions, especially if you increase specific stress-fighting nutrients your diet might currently lack.

7. Avoid Toxic Influences

Toxic people can come from anywhere. They might be people you follow online or individuals in your family, friend or romantic circles. Consider if the people you interact with demonstrate any red flags, like not mutually supporting you or only talking about negative topics.

You can always unfollow, mute or block toxic people online. It’s also important to step away from in-person interactions if you need a break. Toxic people often make others feel less than confident in themselves, so it’s worth considering as you’re trying self-love ideas.

8. Cheer Yourself On

It’s challenging to love yourself if you’re also the loudest voice being negative about yourself. Try actively cheering yourself on instead. Giving yourself a high five or rewarding yourself when you do something well is a simple way to fall in love with yourself.

Try New Self-Love Ideas

Self-love ideas don’t always involve costly vacations or trips to a spa. They just need to remind you why you’re so great and shift your perspective. Try any of these ideas to improve your self-confidence if you want more help loving yourself for exactly who you are right now.

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