• 09/11/2020

On-Site Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

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Getting your hair and makeup done for the wedding is one of the exciting parts. It’s a chance to look beautiful and bond with your bridesmaids. Onsite wedding hair and makeup have many perks, such as less rushing around and you can take cute pictures. Also consider how your costs will differ with the choices of on site wedding hair and makeup versus other options. Here are a few tips for making it a special day. 

1. Match Your Makeup With the Season

When deciding foundational elements, keep the weather in mind. If it’s wintertime, you want a foundation that won’t look dry or flat. Plus, use a full coverage foundation. On the other hand, try not to use anything shiny in the summer. In addition, prepare with an anti-shine, water-resistant primer. 

Also, if the event goes until the evening, look for long-lasting makeup. To help your makeup stay fresh, exfoliate and use primers and oil-free foundations. 

2. Pick a Lipstick Shade That Fits Your Personality 

Lipstick is an essential element and can enhance your look. Take some time to try on all the available shades to see which you like best. You may want to start with a more natural lip and go from there. 

If you’re feeling bold add more color, like a darker shade of pink or red. Matte, blush pink, and plum are popular choices as well. Before adding the lipstick, hydrate your lips and use lip liner. 

3. Stay Hydrated 

Having hydrated skin helps the makeup go on smoother. It also makes your skin look clear and fresh. Drinking plenty of water is also critical for your health. Dehydration can lead to mood change, constipation, or cause your body to overheat. 

Water is also essential for flushing out toxins. Men should drink about 15. 5 cups per day, and women should get about 11. 5 cups. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle to have in the bridal suite. 

4. Do a Practice Run

Many makeup artists will offer a bridal trial before the actual wedding day. The practice run is essential for you and the makeup artists, giving you a chance to figure out what you like. You might even find makeup you want to wear for another occasion. 

The trial also allows you to feel confident in your look. Knowing everything is prepared reduces stress on the wedding day, allowing you to focus on the critical things. Do a trial run for your hair as well. 

4. Ask for Waterproof Products 

When doing onsite wedding hair and makeup, request waterproof products, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place. Your wedding day will be filled with happy tears, so you want to be prepared. Plus, this can prevent fewer touch-ups throughout the night. 

Another tip is to press the product into the skin instead of wiping, preventing streaks. Also, use water-resistant primers and concealers. Then you can focus on enjoying the day and not constantly checking the mirror. 

5. Match Your Hairstyle to the Dress and Weather

When deciding what hairstyle, consider one that complements your dress. If you have a simple dress, do a more elaborate hairstyle, like putting some of it on. Also, if it has an open back, consider doing a side ponytail or braid to enhance the look. 

Attention to the weather is a critical onsite wedding hair and makeup tip. If your wedding is inside, you can go for curls or any other hairstyle. Although, if it’s outdoors on a humid day, an updo is best. 

6. Have Visual References for Your Stylist 

Check out bridal magazines or online images to find the hairstyle you want. Giving the stylist an idea of what you’re looking for can prevent miscommunications. However, only bring a few photos, so it’s not too overwhelming. 

If you need some extra guidance, ask the stylist for suggestions. You might even want them to show you a few different styles before picking one. Keep in mind you want one that matches your personality and makes you feel confident. 

7. Pick a Hairstyle That You Love 

Remember your wedding day is about you. You want to pick a look that makes you happy and comfortable. So, you can do a simple updo if that’s what you want. Elaborate hairstyles with extensions can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to them. 

Therefore, stick to what makes you feel beautiful and you won’t be adjusting the whole time. Plus, weddings are long events, and you want to enjoy every moment. 

8. Don’t Make Any Changes to Your Hair Before the Wedding

Drastic haircuts or dye jobs can be unpredictable. A sudden change before the wedding can leave you feeling less confident. Instead, get a trim before the big day to make your hair look healthy. It can help eliminate split ends and flyaways. 

In addition, keep your hair nourished and moisturized with deep-treating hair masks. To help keep your hair hydrated, use a moisturizer that has water as the first ingredient.

9. Bring an Emergency Kit 

Before the wedding, ask your on site hair and makeup stylist about the products they are using. Then buy these in travel-size containers to have for touch-ups. If your onsite staff is working on someone else, you have a backup option and can stay on schedule. It can help out your bridesmaids as well.

You should also add makeup and other essentials, including bobby pins and extra hair ties. Place a small bag in the bridal suite or store it away at the reception hall. 

The Best Onsite Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

On site wedding hair and makeup provide you with more convenience. Just keep in mind your suit may get a little messy, and there may be fewer stylists. When doing your hair and makeup, keep in mind these beauty tips for a memorable day. 

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