• 11/11/2022

9 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Your Space

open shelving in mid-century modern kitchen for kitchen wall decor

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So much attention to detail goes into a kitchen’s design that by the time it’s done, it’s practically a work of art already. Kitchen cabinets, backsplash, countertops, sink, appliances, hardware and fixtures all work together to create a cohesive masterpiece. However, without your flair, the room will fall flat. 

As the heart of the home, the kitchen claims a lot of your time — so it should be a reflection of you. What better way to add extra style than with some kitchen wall decor? Your options are limitless, from a functional herb garden to a trendy neon light. There’s something on this list for every aesthetic. 

1. Hanging Herb Garden

Herbs grow in posts mounted to the wall in a kitchen.

Is the kitchen your arena? Add some spice to your menu with a wall-mounted herb garden. You can match the containers to any design style, and the greenery will boost your mood. Having a variety of fresh herbs in your favorite dishes is far superior to the taste of dried store-bought ones. You won’t regret it. 

2. Recipe Card Art

Hanging art is quintessential kitchen wall decor. Instead of quotes or prints, try something a little more sentimental. Frame a handful of recipe cards on a blank wall. You can choose your family’s favorites or hang something hand-written by a loved one for an extra personal touch. 

3. Hanging Produce Baskets

Fresh fruits and vegetables taste amazing, but it can be challenging to store them. Install a few cute baskets on your wall to give them a home. You’ll be more likely to eat them when they’re in plain sight, and they look beautiful on display. You can find hanging baskets in different materials like reeds, jute and metal and in various styles to match your aesthetic. Try simple seasonal decorating by changing out the produce for options in their peak time. 

4. Unique Backsplash

A kitchen with white, hexagon backsplash.

Your backsplash is a powerhouse of the kitchen, but nobody said it has to be purely functional. Instead of a traditional white subway tile or something similar, opt for a bold, more artistic choice. Choose from any number of finishes like stone, brick or metal. You can even take tile to a new level with something patterned. 

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can make a powerful statement and comes in many great prints and color schemes. However, papering the entire kitchen might be overwhelming and look a bit dated. Rather, choose an accent wall to make a bold statement. 

Have a print you love but don’t think will work over a whole wall? Fill a large frame or two with a cut section of the wallpaper and hang it like any other artwork. 

6. Neon Light

Brighten your room and mood by adding a fun neon light to your kitchen wall decor. Select a color that’ll pop against the wall behind it. You can even order one with a favorite word, short phrase or different shapes. 

7. Chalkboard

Keep track of your weekly meals and grocery list, leave your family little notes or let your kids’ creativity loose. You can go as big as you want to with this design idea. Purchase a small to medium-sized chalkboard at your favorite store or thrift one to hang in your kitchen. Alternatively, buy a can of chalkboard paint and cover a large section or even one whole wall. You can mix this paint in almost any color to match your current design. 

8. Open Shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen.

Open shelving has been a hot trend for many years now. The result is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t mind losing a few upper cabinets, you can pull those down to create room for open shelves in the heart of your kitchen. Otherwise, a blank wall space elsewhere in the room could hold decorative items. 

9. Decorative Apron Hooks

Hooks are a simple and inexpensive design element nearly anyone can install on their own in under an hour. You can choose something ornate or sleek and modern. Just make sure the wall hooks stick out far enough for your purpose. We love hanging a few to hold aprons when not in use. 

Kitchen Wall Decor for Any Aesthetic

You’ll run out of wall space before you exhaust the possibilities of kitchen wall decor on the market. A stroll through any home goods store will stir up new potential ideas. You can find pieces to match any aesthetic. The best part is that wall art is easy enough to change out, so when your style shifts, you can bring the kitchen along with you.

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