• 02/27/2023

How to Measure Ring Size at Home: 5 Methods

Knowing how to measure ring size guarantees excellent styling every time.

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Whether someone’s looking to treat themselves to a beautiful gift or their partner starts dropping hints about engagement, learning how to measure ring size at home is valuable. They could go to a jeweler, but they may not have the piece they want or just prefer to shop online. After all, analysts expect one-fifth of people to buy things online in 2023.

It’s also just simpler, too. Who doesn’t want to avoid those mall kiosks or salespeople trying to get shoppers to buy more than they need? Knowing how to measure ring size at home guarantees people purchase what they want with ease.

1. Buy a Ring Size Measurer

The most straightforward way to figure out a person’s ring size at home is to get a ring size measurer. Retailers like Amazon have these handy little tools available for pretty cheap, though it may seem odd to buy a measurer if someone’s only going to use it once — it could feel wasteful. However, grabbing one can be useful if they’re a ring lover.

2. Print Out a Sizer

Luckily, some people have thought ahead and created printable ring sizers for easy recycling when the measuring is done. It’s vital to print the page as U.S. Letter paper or A4 because adjusting the graphics at all will make the measurement inaccurate. This handy ring measuring chart provides a ruler to ensure the paper prints in the correct format. Crafty partners can also borrow a ring and use the size chart to determine the best size.

3. Use a Flexible Measuring Tape

Another simple method of how to measure ring size at home is to use a flexible measuring tape. Not the metal one someone would use to measure a room, but one people typically use for clothes. Measure the finger the ring will sit on, ensuring the fit is snug but not too tight. Then, mark where the tape overlaps on a separate piece of paper. It’s then simple to find a measurement chart and compare the results with the sizes.

4. Grab Some Yarn or Paper

For this tip, the person measuring will need a bit of yarn or a strip of paper long enough to fit around their finger. Take the piece and wrap it around the finger, again taking care to make sure it sits comfortably. Then, mark the measuring implement where it overlaps and either compare it to a ring size chart or measure it with a ruler to get the circumference.

5. Measure a Ring That Already Fits

Have a ring that’s the perfect fit but don’t remember the size? Not to worry. Take the band and use a ruler to measure it. Ensure the ruler is measuring the inner diameter instead of the outside, as this could result in a fit that’s too large. Then, grab a ring size chart online and find the measurement that matches the ring.

How to Measure Ring Size at Home Accurately

Rings are gorgeous accessories, but they require a bit of adjustment to fit properly. Getting the right one from the start ensures satisfaction, reduces resizing costs and prevents disappointment from a non-refundable purchase. Learn how to measure ring size at home for happiness every time.

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