• 08/06/2021

How to Apply Face Serum the Right Way

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Maybe you already have your skincare routine down pat — or maybe you’re still in the process of developing yours and getting it to where you want it to be. Regardless of where you are in your skincare journey, serums can sometimes feel like a mystery. They can serve a variety of purposes, but people seem to have different opinions on how to use them. Here, we’re going to break down how you can apply your serums the right way.

Regardless of your current understanding of serums, there are so many ways that you can use them to make your skin glow. Here’s how you can apply face serum the right way — and have a great time doing it.

Layering Your Skincare

One of the first — and most common — questions about skincare is how you should layer your products. While everyone has their own way of doing things — similar to cosmetics — there are more common professionally sanctioned ways to layer your products. Most skincare professionals will recommend layering your products from thinnest to thickest. Sunscreen, however, should go on last no matter what. Usually, this means that after you cleanse, your serum will go on after any mists or toners, but before your moisturizer.

Morning Or Night?

Another common question is whether you should use your serum in the morning or at night. Most often, the answer will depend on what kind of serum you’re using and how harsh the active ingredients are. While many serums are hydrating and oil-based and can therefore be used both morning and night, many serums include ingredients like BHA, retinol and niacinamide, which help the skin naturally exfoliate. Using these too often and without proper sun protection can cause sensitivity and damage. You should stick to using them at night, however often the package recommends.

What Do Serums Do?

This is a big question with many different answers. In short, serums can do a number of things. It depends entirely on what your serum is designed to do. While many serums work to give your skin a glow through hydration and moisture, others work as chemical exfoliants to keep your skin clear and reduce signs of aging. Always make sure you look up the active ingredients in a serum. That will lead you to the exact purpose if it isn’t stated clearly on the packaging.

How Much to Use

Just like any product, you should use enough to cover your whole face, but not enough to drip or soak your skin. Usually, this comes out to about a pea-sized amount, whether you have a serum that comes in a dropper or a pump.

How to Put It On

It’s simple, you just put it on your face, right? Well, there are different ways to apply face serum. Choosing the right one can be instrumental in making sure your serum works as well as it possibly can. If you’re using a serum with a pump, you can pump the serum onto your — clean — hands and apply it evenly to the rest of your face. However, if you have a dropper-style serum, it can be a bit tricky. Although it can be tempting to drop the product directly onto your face, it’s actually best to drop the serum onto your clean hands just like you would with a pump. That way, you reduce the chance of bacteria and sebum buildup on the dropper.

How Many Can You Use?

While you may be content with using just one serum, you may also be tempted to use a few different ones to get multiple benefits. While it can sometimes be suitable to use different serums in the morning and the evening — like a brightening serum in the morning and an exfoliating serum in the evening — it’s important to make sure that you aren’t overlapping with active ingredients if you’re using multiple products at the same time. You don’t want to overwhelm or damage your skin by going overboard. Sometimes, less is more.

Using Face Serums

Face serums are a great way to add in nourishing ingredients to your skincare routine, no matter what your skin type and goals may be. Whether you’re exfoliating, brightening or glowing it up, you can incorporate serums into your routine however works best for you.

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