• 05/05/2023

How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost?


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An interior designer can transform your entire home for you. Sometimes, they seemingly work magic to bring your house to life and create spaces that you enjoy spending your time in. But how much does an interior designer cost? Is hiring one even necessary? Here’s everything you need to know about interior designers and how they can fit into just about any budget.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer makes a space in your home both beautiful and functional. You may think the most beautiful rooms are straight out of a magazine. Your chosen interior designer may take inspiration from those carefully crafted images and pursue the creation of a similar space for you. They’re most in demand in New York City, but interior designers hold jobs throughout the United States and service areas near you.

Interior designers also work with specific colors to craft a showcase of items to make your spaces feel more luxurious and livable. They create concepts based on your needs and wants, and they’ll often personally oversee their idea come to fruition and ensure it’s on schedule for you. Building accurate cost estimates is just part of the daily job for an interior designer, and they pick out the right materials and finishings for your budget.

An interior designer might work as part of an architectural firm’s staff. They typically have a bachelor’s degree and have spent years studying their craft. You can trust interior designers to know what would go well in your home, considering your preferences the whole way. Consulting an interior designer for a room in your home can drastically improve that space while remaining within your budget.

Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

An interior designer will save you much time and effort, which you can use to get your new home in order instead. Your interior designer will do their best to find something that works for your household while keeping your personal style in mind. They also have the right industry contacts, which might help you get furniture or pieces in your home that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Some other benefits of hiring an interior designer are:

  • Qualified, expert advice tailored to your home specifically.
  • Beautiful end results that will turn heads and look professional.
  • Less stress over finding the perfect pieces for any given room.
  • Guarantee of a finished project, no matter what your schedule looks like.
  • Teach you about your own personal style and how to reflect it in your home.

You might be one of the most creative people on the planet, but hiring an interior designer can elevate your space and bring your aesthetic to a new level. You always see the rooms in your house. A designer will look at them with fresh eyes and bring a new perspective. Furthermore, an interior designer costs as much as you will allow in your budget.

How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost on Average?

An interior designer can cost anywhere in a wide range, so the most important thing is to set a budget that works for your household. A more expensive designer might cost over $10,000. Per hour, you may want to budget for about $100-$200, but it also depends on the level of experience your chosen interior designer has. You should also know whether the interior designer charges by the project, room or hour, as the knowledge can help you set your budget accurately.

The furniture the interior designer picks out likely isn’t included in their overall cost. Your budget will help them decide which furniture to pick out for you, so make sure to communicate your expectations before the process begins. An interior designer costs as much as you want them to. You have plenty of leeway with your own money, but you may need to settle for certain things if you plan to adhere to a tighter budget.

What to Look for in an Interior Designer

Not hiring an interior designer can cost you a lot of relaxation, bringing more stress into your life as you run through what works in your spaces with trial and error. Once you’ve decided to leave your home in the hands of a trusted expert, you need to know how to find one that fits your needs well to have the interior of your dreams.

1. Years of Experience

If you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to go with a junior designer. Otherwise, you may want to search for an interior designer who has passed the three-part National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDC), an exam that they should take after they have relevant, real-world experience. It takes two years of experience to qualify for the exam, so you’ll know that certified interior designers are worth their prices.

2. Great Contacts

The best interior designer for you should have excellent contacts that help you achieve the look you want for your home. These contacts might give you access to items and materials you wouldn’t have found on your own. You could also make connections for your future home design needs. The right interior designer will reach out to people they know will affect your home positively.

3. Knowledge of Different Styles

You should only trust interior designers who know what makes certain houses look good and the quintessential decorations for your favorite or desired aesthetic. They should be able to tell you which popular style your home is and how you can decorate it to accentuate your home’s unique features. 

4. Someone You Mesh With

Hiring an interior designer you don’t get along with is a huge mistake. While you may not care if your personalities clash if their work is great, you should know that any design project will go much more smoothly if you get along with your designer. You should strive to meet designers before hiring them. That way, you can get to know them as people first, designers second.

5. Accessible References

You might ask your potential interior designer about past work they’ve done. They may show you photos from their portfolio, or they could allow you to contact one of their satisfied clients. Word of mouth is an important way for professionals to find clients, so if you have any friends who have worked with an interior designer, you should reach out to them. You might just find a designer who works well with what you need.

Choose the Best Time to Rely on an Interior Designer

If an interior designer isn’t within your budget right now, you don’t need to worry. You can always create a savings plan to work toward designing your home in a pleasant way. An interior designer costs as much as you need them to — it all just depends on level of experience and your budget. You and your designer can work together to find something that fits you well without totally emptying your wallet. Either way, your home will be beautiful as long as you insert your own style into your furnishings.

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