• 03/15/2021

How Apartment Therapy Creates a Happy Home


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Your home should be a serene oasis that welcomes you after a long day at work or school. If you walk into your living space and see a cluttered mess that stresses you out, help is just around the corner. Read about how apartment therapy creates a happy home to harness this interior design skill and improve your living space.

Anyone can learn about these ideas and create their personal sense of style. You’ll match decor, furniture and colors in a way that comforts your spirit and welcomes you home every day.

It Organizes Your Belongings

Organization is the first step to utilizing apartment therapy. Clutter prevents positive energy from flowing through each room, but it’s easy to fix. Pick one room or spot in your house as your first project. Identify what’s making the mess and what you’ll need to either put it all away in neat containers or sort through what you don’t want anymore.

It may seem like a small step, but giving your home an organizational makeover clears space for more work. Once you see each room for what it is, it’s easier to find interior design inspiration.

It Introduces New Shades

You can always give your home new life by adding a fresh coat of paint. Apartment therapy introduces new shades you might not have considered, so get creative with wall colors by collecting and comparing swatches. You might choose soothing pastel or cream shades in rooms where you want to relax. Other rooms may become the perfect place to host parties after you paint them in bright colors. It all depends on what you want for each part of your home.

It Adds Indoor Plants

No one will feel happy in their home if the environment doesn’t support a positive lifestyle. Indoor plants can do that in one quick purchase. Watching them grow makes people happy while they make your home healthier by purifying the air. You don’t need a green thumb to get this apartment therapy benefit either. Find low-maintenance plants and place them by your windowsill. Watering them a few times a week makes you an instant gardener and transforms your home’s vibe.

It Delves Into Pleasant Aromas

Therapeutic environments engage your senses. The spa wouldn’t be the same if you got a massage in a room that smelled like trash. Improve your living space with pleasant aromas from candles, essential oil diffusers or incense. If you’re not sure where to start, research popular aromatherapy scents and see which you like best. Happy homes always smell like whatever aroma makes you feel at peace.

It Accentuates Knick-Knacks

Creating a happy home also includes knick-knacks. Some interior design styles pride themselves on clean walls and empty shelves, but that can also result in cold environments. Fill your home with things like family belongings, heirlooms or items you’ve collected over the years.

Young people who just recently started living on their own might not have these objects. You can always make a few DIY projects to fill your home with things you love. Invite your friends and loved ones over so creating them makes memories in your new living space.

It Embraces Natural Lighting

Apartment therapy embraces natural lighting in place of fluorescent lamps and fixtures. You’ll make a big impact on your living space by using natural light as your ambiance after pulling back curtains or even installing windows. Sunlight naturally provides visual and environmental warmth, which eases the mind and fosters a happier home. Replace thick curtains with sheer alternatives if you’re not sure how to maximize your current windows.

It Promotes Sleep

Ever heard of sleep hygiene? It’s a phrase defined by the habits and environment that improve your nightly rest. Apartment therapy will cultivate a healthy sleep environment by focusing on the smell and look of your bedroom. You could paint calming colors on your walls, find softer bedding or add helpful decor like a miniature waterfall. Think about what would help you sleep better and find ways to integrate it with your bedroom.

It Celebrates You

People embrace apartment therapy because it celebrates everyone’s authentic nature. Decorate your home with what you’re passionate about to fill it with happiness. Install eco-friendly appliances that support your sustainable lifestyle. Swap carpets with organic alternatives or devote spaces to your favorite hobbies.

Celebrate yourself while you decorate. Happiness will be the core motivator behind every choice, leading you to the purest form of self-expression that makes you content in your home.

Experiment With Apartment Therapy

Apartment therapy creates a happy home when you use steps like these to discover what you like. Identify which spaces you’ll work with and what about them isn’t working. With each experimental choice and curious endeavor, you’ll discover interior design styles that support your long-term happiness.

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