• 04/28/2023

Guide to Your New Full Body Beauty Routine


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 When you think of a beauty routine, you may only consider the skin on your face. Everyone talks about cleansers and other products for facial use but neglects the rest of the body. The skin on the rest of your body deserves attention too. It is easy to forget about, especially if you live in an area with colder seasons. Healthy, glowing legs and arms are gorgeous to have all year round. 

Adopting a full body beauty routine will leave you feeling healthier regardless of the season. Here is a guide to get you started with it. 

Dry Brush Your Skin

Dry brushing is a daily body massage with a dry and stiff-bristled brush. It helps get rid of dry skin flaking off and increases circulation, detoxification and promotes digestion. If you have cellulite, it can even improve its appearance. If you want a radiant glow to your skin, removing the dead skin cells will make it smoother and soft while temporarily brightening it. 

Hot water in the shower can stripe away oils that keep your body moisturized. Most people scrub in the shower, which makes things worse, causing itching and redness. Brushing your skin when it’s dry is more beneficial since it is a gentler way to exfoliate and increase blood circulation. Exfoliating outside the shower can help preserve some moisture from stripping away in the hot shower. 

Start with your feet and work your way up in long strokes. Move the brush in a circular motion on your back and stomach and lighten the pressure. Don’t go over the same area for too long or it will cause irritation and bleeding. Once you are done, it is time to hop in the shower. 

Cleanse Everyday

Many products offered on the market have ingredients that strip the skin of natural oils. Avoid any sulfates listed, like sodium lauryl, when shopping for soaps and body washes. Skin oil protects the skin barrier, so you don’t want it to stripe away with harsh products. 

An example of a good cleanser is Dove’s sensitive skin bar soap. It gently cleans your skin without leaving it dry, desperately needing to replenish it with moisture. You should clean your body daily, even if you don’t wash your hair each time you shower. 

Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week 

If you prefer to stick with your body scrubs in the shower, it is best to exfoliate one to two times a week. If you overdo it, you can damage the outermost layer of your skin, the moisture barrier. You can use sugar scrubs or AHA body scrubs to promote the new skin to shine through. 

You will want to apply a small amount of product and rub it in a circular motion for thirty seconds. Rinse off in warm water. If you add dry brushing into your routine, you do not need to create another step for exfoliation. Watch out for open wounds or sunburn since you do not want to exfoliate when your skin is experiencing these conditions. 

Use Shaving Cream

If you use soap as shaving cream, you may notice red bumps or irritation on your skin. Use shaving creams or oils to keep your skin as smooth and healthy as possible. You are putting blades to the skin to remove hair which can irritate it and cause hair to curl back onto itself and grow into the skin. 

Remember to use a sharp razor to get the best results. If you don’t, it can lead to more irritation, especially if you aren’t using shaving cream. They will typically go away on their own, but a cold compress and aloe vera gel can reduce irritation. 

Apply Moisturizer 

You must use moisturizer since it hydrates your skin and locks in moisture. Formulas with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides are great since they are extra hydrating and protect your skin from environmental factors that could damage it. They come in a range of products, from body butter that feels thick and nourishing on the skin to lightweight gel creams that seem to melt into you. The type of moisturizer you choose depends on how you would like it on your skin. 

No matter what you choose, applying it when you are fresh out of the shower is best. If your skin is still damp and plump with water, it can trap some in to add extra hydration. If your moisturizer does have hyaluronic acid, it needs the dampness to work effectively on the skin or it can leave it more dehydrated. Apply your moisturizer as needed throughout the day. 

If you want to upgrade the shine of your skin, you can use body oil to layer on top of the moisturizer. It doesn’t replace your moisturizer, but you get an extra dewy glow if you layer it or mix it. 

Use Salicylic Acid Spray

If you suffer from body acne, using a salicylic acid spray will clear up any blemishes you have. Acne can appear on your body for many reasons, especially if you work out and sweat a lot. Sitting in dirty clothes can cause breakouts on your chest, back and butt, especially if they are tight-fitted. Use salicylic acid to combat the blemishes that can form. 

Apply Sunscreen 

You should know you need to apply sunscreen to your face but don’t neglect other areas of your body that see the sun. This is the most important part of your full body beauty routine. In the summer, you only apply sunscreen when doing activities like going to the beach or when you are out in the sun. You should still use it when it’s cold in places that see the sun, like your neck and hands. 

UV exposure is the main reason for premature aging, whether it’s the coldest or warmest time of the year.  Find a lightweight formula that absorbs fast so it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on your skin. 

Embrace Your New Routine

Try your new full body beauty routine and embrace how it makes you feel. Taking care of yourself will make you feel great inside and out.   

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