• 02/13/2023

6 Fun & Sentimental Bride-To-Be Gifts


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Are you struggling to find your bride-to-be the perfect gifts? Have no fear. Our suggestions are here! With so many gift options available for brides, choosing which one is best can be challenging. 

Registries exist for wedding showers and gifts, but sometimes you want your present to stand out and mean a little more than the average gift. That’s where we come in. Let us be your guide.  

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental items are excellent for bride-to-be gifts. Weddings are an emotional time, so appealing to their sentimental side won’t be difficult. Any sort of personalized gift has the potential to be a real tear-jerker if that’s what you’re going for.

1. Custom Canvas

Canvases are a professional way to display photos rather than framing them. With a customized canvas, your gift can make any bride-to-be feel special. Canvases are gifts brides get to share with anyone who enters their home. You can even use them to showcase the couple on their wedding day. 

2. Ring Holder

A ring holder can come in many different colors and designs, so it’s great for personalizing. You can etch initials or names into the ring dish with the date the couple met or their wedding day. This keepsake is sure to be loved and cherished by couples everywhere. 

3. Last Name

If the bride-to-be you’re shopping for is going the traditional route and changing their last name, you’re golden. Gift them with anything that has their new last name on it. 

Personalize a door mat, a cutting board, a chalkboard calendar, or a wreath for their front door. They will be so excited to show off their new name, they’ll be over the moon about a gift like this. 

Fun Gifts

Fun gifts are the best kind no matter what the occasion. They’re even better when they’re personalized. Call them corny if you want, but they are always unique and memorable. The bride-to-be needs a smile on her face, especially if she’s doing most of the planning for the big day. It’s a stressful time. 

4. Socks

Gift the couple or bride-to-be a pair of socks or underwear with their faces on them. Yes, you read that right. There are companies that will put your picture on your underwear or your socks, or anything you want (like a shirt). This would be such a fun gift that will be treasured for years to come. 

5. Pillow

Pillows can be personalized as well, with fun photos for the bride-to-be. There is also a set that comes with two pillows that is sure to make the couple laugh out loud. One pillow says “Tonight” with “woohoo” in parentheses underneath. The other pillow says “Not Tonight” with sorry in parentheses underneath. How fitting, right? 

6. Coin

It is common knowledge that married couples will have disagreements from time to time. Get a coin for them to toss as the deciding factor. The coin is engraved with a partner’s name on each side of the coin. They can flip this coin when they can’t decide who is going to the store or who has to walk the dog. They’ll likely thank you for this ten times over. What a comical gift for a bride-to-be. 


You can’t go wrong with these ideas for bride-to-be gifts, no matter what she is to you. Have some fun with creative gift wrapping or keep it simple. Either way, they’ll appreciate the sentiment and treasure your gift for years to come, whether it’s an emotional or fun one. 

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