• 04/01/2020

12 Ways to Bring Down the Cost of Wedding Per Guest


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Having a wedding on a budget can always be a bit of a challenge. However, that can encourage some fun and creative ways to make your special day unique. No matter what your budget may be — because almost everyone has one — there are plenty of ways to reel it in and keep things under control. And while shortening the guest list is one of the ways you can easily trim costs, that comes with the sad reality of gathering fewer people to celebrate with you. If you can cut the cost per guest down rather than cutting the guests themselves, you can find a way to solve your biggest problems! Here are a few ideas you can consider to get the cost of your wedding per guest down.

Go Paperless

Invitations are quite literally a per-guest cost. Whether you choose to do an evite or an email, sending your invitations digitally doesn’t just cut your costs for invites. It literally eliminates the cost altogether.

Wedding Websites

If you’re looking for a simple way to go paperless, why not try out a wedding website? From your save-the-dates to the invitations, keeping it all in one place can be good for the budget. 

Chair Share

Now for the physicalities of the big day. Here’s one great way to literally save money per seat — recycle! Use the same chairs from the ceremony to the reception. You didn’t think we meant making people share their chairs with each other, did you?

Simple Favors

Another element of weddings that goes by headcount is the choice of party favors. Even though some people love to go all out with wedding favors, you can absolutely go for something small, or even forego traditional favors altogether. Think candy, tea bags and optional polaroid snapshots!

Make a Signature Drink

When it comes to the alcohol available at your wedding, there’s one thing you can do to keep the cost low — have a signature drink that’s featured as one of a few options instead of having a completely open bar. Many venues will work with you for options like this if you’re interested in exploring it.

Go for Wine and Beer

Another option for your boozy affair is to go for wine, beer and bubbles exclusively at the bar. Not everyone needs cocktails all night long, and the softer stuff can certainly get the job done.

The Self-Pour

Let’s say all you really need is a basic, no-frills bar operation to get the job done. Why not lean in and get your own alcohol for a self-serve station? This way, all you need to do is provide the drinks and let your guests choose what they want and do the rest! Simple and easy!

Caterers From the Burbs

The food at your wedding is another per-head cost that can fluctuate, so if you want to find carters that can get the job done with a little bit of a bargain, try going outside of the major cities to find caterers that are willing to travel! They’ll likely be less expensive than those within the larger metropolitan areas.

Buffet Style

Usually, per-plate is the way that people break down wedding menu costs, but if you want to be a bit more causal, you can always let your wedding go buffet style! This can be a great way to let your guests get exactly what they want and pay a little less for the whole operation.

Food Truck It

Another way to help your wedding ball on a budget in a totally unique way is to go for the food truck option. Outdoor weddings are already halfway there on this one, and you can totally make it a part of the theme or aesthetic! 

Edible Favors

In terms of the wedding favors, you can also roll snacks or dessert into the mix by making them all the same thing! Send people on their way with candy or a cookie and call it a day! You can even get creative with things like cake pops. 

Just Desserts

Even though wedding cake is a classic, you can also entertain the idea of nixing the cake altogether and going for a simpler dessert to get the job done and feed the masses. Think cookie trays, fruit, ice cream, brownies — anything you can imagine!

Weddings On a Budget

Bringing down the cost doesn’t have to mean shortening your guest list — in fact, you can bring down the cost of the wedding per guest and still have the wedding of your dreams with all of those you hold dear! Which tip are you excited to try?

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