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10 of the Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal Shower Gift

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Bridal showers are such a fun part of wedding season. Everyone who attends is anticipating the wedding and eager to celebrate this special time in the bride’s life. A shower is a perfect opportunity to remind the bride how much her community loves and supports her.

Showers are often themed, with fun games and personal touches to celebrate the bride and groom’s love story. Gifts are often intimate or fun rather than practical. 

If you’ve been invited to a bridal shower, you have the perfect opportunity to get something for the bride that celebrates both her and her upcoming marriage. 

Read on for ten of the best bridal shower gift ideas:

1. China

We’re talking about dishes here, not the country! Fancy china sets are a traditional gift that multiple guests can help purchase. They’re perfect for display, hosting dinner parties, and even everyday use. 

This option is best for younger brides, who are more likely to need dishes than those who have been financially independent for a while. However, some brides may not be interested in china because of their lifestyle or personality. 

Is your friend the kind of girl who you could see with a fancy china cabinet? If the answer is yes, this may be the perfect gift for her. 

A tea set with blue floral designs.

2. Home Decor

Because the bridal shower is more intimate than the wedding, you’ll want to save more useful items like rugs and vacuum cleaners for the wedding gift. However, home decor items are unnecessary and therefore extra fun to receive. Unlike specifically wedding-themed presents, home decor can also be used for many years. 

Try bundling two or three of the following items together to create a gift that warms the bride’s home: 

  1. candles
  2. table centerpieces
  3. picture frames
  4. coasters
  5. silk floral arrangements
  6. vases
  7. art prints

3. Baskets

You can never have too many baskets! These nifty storage units come in many cute shapes and sizes and can hold laundry, wedding gifts, letters, food, jewelry, lingerie, books, beauty products, and more. 

Buy a stacked set to present to the bride, or use a single basket as a gift bag for the rest of your present. Think about the bride’s personality as you survey the options, and choose a color, shape, and style that reminds you of her. 

An overhead photo of three brown woven baskets.

4. Sheets

Do you remember the story about the princess and the pea? Quality bedding can make a world of difference for a good night’s sleep.

Cheap sheets have a low thread count and are made of synthetic materials. They tend to be scratchy and don’t breathe well. To get a top-notch sheet set for the bride-to-be, go natural and aim for a thread count of 200 to 300. Make sure you check the size of the bride and groom’s mattress before making your purchase!

5. A Robe

Robes feel like luxury and are a thoughtful way to celebrate your bride and make her feel beautiful. They can be personalized with embroidery and are the perfect outfit for getting ready the day of the wedding.

Your bride can use this gift for a long time as everyday loungewear, and it will remind her of this special season in her life. For a more involved present, consider gifting the entire bridal party with matching robes. 

A woman stands in front of a window wearing a white bathrobe.

6. Bridal Cups

The time between engagement and marriage is unique. Brides-to-be are anticipating their upcoming wedding while also enjoying the present time of being “engaged.” Bridal-themed cups are a fun way to celebrate and remember this sweet time. 

Order a personalized travel mug with the bride’s new last name on it, or get the couple matching Mr. and Mrs. mugs. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and different types of drinkware!

7. Lingerie

Lingerie can help a bride feel beautiful and confident on her honeymoon. There are so many options for cute lingerie, ranging from silk sleep sets to sexy nightgowns to lace bralettes and matching underwear.

Lingerie is very personal, so this gift is best for brides you know well. Before you shop for lingerie, you’ll need to know the bride’s bra and underwear sizes and what they’re interested in wearing.

Have fun with this gift – the bride can always choose not to wear your choices, but it’s fun to have options!

8. Self-care Products

You can help the bride feel rested and refreshed for the wedding by putting together a package of self-care items for her. Wedding planning is exhausting, so she probably needs it. Combine three to five of the following items into a gift that will help you recuperate during this busy season:

  • Facemasks
  • Eyemasks
  • Hair mask
  • Lotion
  • Bath salts
  • Nail polish
  • Make-up
  • Vitamins
A tray with flowers, candles, books and a cup of tea sits across a bathtub.

9. Jewelry

Choose a dainty necklace or fun, quirky earrings to celebrate the bride’s personality and give her options for what to wear during her ceremony

Ask yourself what the bride typically wears and whether she’s mentioned any jewelry recently. Use your own judgment over whether or not to buy her a gift inside her normal comfort zone.

You can also consider getting her a wedding-themed item, such as a “Bride” necklace or bracelet. Jewelry with the bride’s name on it is also popular, and you can’t go wrong with a set of elegant pearl earrings. 

10. A Handmade Quilt

This present is a little ambitious, but it’s perfect if you’re on the craftier side and have some time to prepare a more elaborate gift. Of course, you can always shop for these and purchase one online as well. 

Quilts are a wedding tradition in many countries, and there are many beautiful patterns to choose from including, Irish chain and double wedding ring. Multiple variations of these patterns exist if you want to modernize them or mix them up to suit the bride’s personality. 

Because this gift will take hours to create, it’s best to give to a bride you know well – and one whom you know will appreciate your effort. 

The Best Bridal Shower Gift

A bridal shower is meant to be fun and intimate. Use this guide as a starting point to choose the best bridal shower gift that reflects those values and celebrates the bride’s tastes, needs, and personality. 

Make sure you wrap your gift with a big bow and lots of ribbon in case the bride is planning to carry a ribbon bouquet down the aisle during her rehearsal dinner. 

It’s time to party!

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