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What Is My Rising Sign and What Does it Mean?

what is my rising sign

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When someone asks, “What’s your sign?” you usually respond with your zodiac — Sun sign — according to your birth month. Yet, have you ever felt aspects of your sign feel inaccurate? Perhaps you’re trying to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Knowing your rising sign can shed some much-needed light on the situation.

A Deeper Look Into the Window of Your Soul

Your rising sign — or ascendant — is a whole vibe. Actually, it’s your vibe — how the world perceives you, the way you digest information and build connections with others. Its name derives from the zodiac sign rising in the east when you were born and changes every two hours. 

While your Sun sign gives you a broader picture of your personality, your rising sign delves into the intricacies of your life. For example, the 12 houses in your birth chart are ruled by different signs according to your birth date, time and location. Your ascendant dictates which zodiacs show up in each house.  

Every house represents something different — your first house rules your identity, such as your temperament and appearance. The second house rules income, possessions and relationships. The third house indicates self-expression. As your rising sign moves throughout each, it may impact how you dress or maneuver uncomfortable circumstances. 

How to Calculate Your Rising Sign

You’ll need to dig up your birth certificate or call your mom for your exact birth date, place and birth time to determine your rising sign. Accuracy is critical, especially since the ascendant shifts several times a day. 

The easiest way to calculate your rising sign is to use one of the many online birth chart calculators. Most of these are free and usually deliver a report explaining your results. 

CafeAstrology.com, AstroSofa.com and Astrology.com are some of the many rising sign calculators you can use. Of course, your rising sign is only part of the big picture. Use these websites to calculate your Moon sign, Mars sign and others — including your compatibility with someone. 

What Your Rising Sign Means

Your rising sign provides invaluable information about who you are. Like the Sun sign, each ascendant differs from the next. Here are the meanings of each of the 12 rising signs.


An Aries Rising is a firecracker. People are quick to notice your bold features — particularly your browline. Could it be because Aries is often associated with anger and authority?

Someone with an Aries ascendant often picks clothes that make them stand out — you might already have guessed their favorite color is red. In your finest moment, you stand up for others. Conversely, some might find you bullish and difficult. Really, you’re just passionate and in dire need of an outlet to release your pent-up energy.


If you feel a sense of zen around someone, you can probably guess they’re a Taurus Rising. The bull represents Taurus — face it, cows are easy-going creatures until you disturb them. Similarly, Taurus folks can have a temper if provoked and are inherently protective of their loved ones.

Nature lovers, at best, a Taurus Rising prefers beautiful landscapes and blissful environments that induce calmness. A Taurus ascendant likely means you live a drama-free life and like everything to run like a well-oiled machine. Who can blame you? Let the good times roll. 


Transformative is one way to describe a Gemini Rising — they can alter their personality and looks to adapt to any situation. Geminis spend more time in their heads, growing through constant intellectual stimulation.

Many Gemini Risings convey creativity in their work and prefer experimenting in their given fields. You also likely enjoy quality time with friends, family or your partner, engaging in philosophical and meaningful discourse.


Intuitive, sensitive and approachable — you must be a Cancer Rising. If your rising sign is Cancer, you live life “heart first.” People can expect you to show up, sacrifice for others and demonstrate extreme empathy and loyalty.

Because of their pleasant nature, Cancer Risings typically become educators and social workers or enter creative professions. You can count on Cancer Rising to give good advice.


Ah, the loveable Leo. Represented by the lion, Leo ascendants are often on high alert. They also tend to have a flair for being the center of attention, making them excellent performers.

Naturally, a Leo Rising is courageous, just like a lion. They are protective of loved ones and want the best for everyone. Physically, Leo ascendants take pride in their appearance, giving special attention to a healthy, youthful physique.


Many people will see Virgo Rising as someone who has it together — even if they don’t. Virgos may be borderline obsessive about their appearance and typically follow a stringent health regimen. They also tend to be perfectionists and are highly self-critical.

However, not all is bad with your rising sign in Virgo — you’re likely more nonconfrontational, reliable and fair-minded than the other signs.


A person with a rising sign in Scorpio is determined, creative and highly elusive. Scorpio Risings prefer keeping their inner workings to themselves — albeit the few lucky ones privileged enough to access them.

A Scorpio ascendant would rather face their fears and troubles head-on than shy away. They are curious researchers who solve problems and maintain deep connections to their surroundings.


A Sagittarius Rising is optimistic and believes anything is possible. The Sag loves to learn and improve themselves — they focus on personal growth. One might say they live life as though they’re on a quest.

Although they sometimes come across as headstrong, blunt and set in their ways, people find them magnetically charming — this is why so many close friends and family usually surround them. 


Capricorn ascendants tend to be worker bees with relentless ambition that helps them succeed. Responsible, capable and dependable are other ways people describe a Capricorn Rising.

Others may point out your dry sense of humor. You’re also undoubtedly family-oriented. All in all, Capricorn Rising is the ultimate success story. 


Aquarius Rising, your mothership is calling. Although an ascendant in Aquarius means you’re kind, supportive and empathetic, you also tend to be stand-offish or righteous. Aquarius Risings are on a mission to serve others and do good — and their ability to detach from the world helps them make it through trials.

Many view Aquarians and Aquarius Risings as loveable oddballs — the first to try something or the ones with strange ideas. They might call themselves innovative, though. 


Creative, sensitive and imaginative — Pisces Rising is special. Those with an ascendant in Pisces can adapt to any group or environment — some call them “chameleons.” This can make self-awareness and individuality challenging to grasp. 

Nevertheless, thanks to your compassionate nature and spirituality, your superpower is empathy. You might throw yourself into fine art, music, writing or photography to deal with your many feelings. Creative expression is your way of coping with life.

Your Rising Sign Is How the World Sees You

Astrology isn’t the most accurate predictor of your personality traits. Still, it can give you insight into who you are. When trying to figure out how the world sees you best, look to your rising sign for the answer. 

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