• 07/27/2023

15 of the Best Wedding Captions for Instagram


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When the big day comes, you have much to celebrate — but you might also want to commemorate it online! Around 86% of couples have stress symptoms leading up to their special day, but what you’ll say on social media should be the least of your worries. These wedding captions for Instagram are some great ones to help you start brainstorming how you want to express your love on your big day to the world.

Formal Wedding Captions for Instagram

Some people prefer their social media to be serious, especially for such a big day. These wedding captions for Instagram could be meaningful to you and your partner, as they say so much with only a few words. These are some of the best if you like to keep things more formal or serious on your page.

1. “All of my smiles start with you.”

This sweet caption says so much in so few words. If your sweetheart is your favorite person in the world, you shouldn’t hesitate to let your circle of friends know it.

2. “Me, myself, and I do.”

Though this caption doesn’t seem complex at first, it’s actually a reflection of your vows — in that you’re dedicating your entire self to your loved one. 

3. “To have and to hold.”

This quick caption is an easy way to capture part of the traditional wedding vows while also saying something short and sweet. It’s a perfect caption for any photo of you and your partner hugging or holding one another in general. When you can’t find the words to justify how much your big day means to you, these powerful vows are a perfect way of signaling just how important your new spouse is to you.

4. Part of Your Vows

If you wrote your own vows, you have the unique opportunity to include some of them, sappy or funny, in your Instagram post caption. With about 47% of couples writing their vows themselves, you have plenty of unique words to pull from — if you want to share them with the world, that is. If you want to keep your vows private, that’s your choice as well, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to repeat the special words that were only meant for your partner.

5. A Long Post About Your Love

What better way to tell the world how much your new spouse means to you than in a long caption? Instagram allows you plenty of space to talk about how much your sweetheart means to you, in as few or as many words as you like. You can go into detail about your love for strangers, or you can write a personal message to your beloved. It’s your special day, just as it’s your special love, and some of the best wedding captions for Instagram come straight from the heart.

Whimsical Wedding Captions for Instagram

Sometimes, you want your captions to be a little less formal but still romantic and whimsical. These meaningful captions can mean as much or as little as you want and can accompany almost any picture to make for some of the best wedding captions for Instagram.

1. “They stole my heart, so I stole their last name.”

This caption would be ideal for a partner who is taking the other’s last name. It’s a sweet sentiment to express a decision you made leading up to your big day.

2. “Love at first swipe.”

About 13% of adults who participate in online dating get married to someone they met from a dating app. While that statistic might seem small, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off that you and your spouse knew you were meant to be from the start.

3. “This is the next page of our love story.”

One perfect way to wrap up a fairytale of a day is to acknowledge just how your love story will grow and evolve over the years. It’s a way of saying that the chapter might have ended after your engagement, but the rest of your story begins as you plunge into marriage with the person you love more than anyone else in the world.

4. “All because two people fell in love.”

All because two people fell in love, you began your love story. You had this big day and may continue to grow your family further over the years. Everyone’s lives you enter or occupy space in as a couple is because you fell in love. And it’s the perfect caption for two people who are better together.

5. “A picture-perfect day.”

This caption is a little silly, referencing how picture-ready you were on your big day. It might be best paired with a stellar shot, such as your first kiss or walking into the reception. This caption is an elegant yet lighthearted way to express how much you loved your big day.

Silly Wedding Captions for Instagram

Sometimes, you need a moment of silliness. These wedding captions for Instagram reflect your silly side, which is perfect if you love to have fun with your partner. Your wedding night was one to remember, and posting these captions almost gives it a “You had to be there!” vibe.

1. “Now we can hang out forever!”

This cute, silly caption might be great for previously long-distance couples who have waited so long to be together at last. Your wedding day might be the first chance you get to live together, and you should celebrate it.

2. “We did a thing.”

Though Millennials often have phrases considered out of date, or cheugy, by the younger generation, sometimes you have to play into the fun, stereotypical language — especially when you want a silly caption that will stick with people. This caption perfectly captures Millennial vocabulary while also indicating that the rest of your days together will be just as exciting as your wedding day.

3. “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.”

This cute caption implies that you and your partner can function well on your own but that you’re a truly legendary combination when together. If you’re allergic to either of the foods, try substituting them with something else that makes sense within the context of your relationship.

4. “Does this dress make me look like a Mrs.?”

You can replace the “Mrs.” with anything — wife, husband, spouse, partner and so on — and you can also swap out the “dress” for any form of attire you’re wearing. This highly customizable caption is a fun way to show the world you and your sweetheart got married and that you love the idea of being their forever plus one.

5. A Bunch of Emojis

Typically, people may think emojis are a little too silly to tell the world that you tied the knot — but if you and your partner prioritize silliness, emojis are a great way to tell a thousand words with a few pictures. You can choose something related to your wedding day or even just some random emojis in your wedding colors. The world is your oyster, and you can commemorate your big day however you want to.

Find a Wedding Caption to Commemorate Your Special Day

Instagram isn’t the end-all, be-all of your love. However, it’s a great way to let people know you got married and hope to spend forever with your special person. These wedding captions for Instagram will hopefully inspire you or encourage you not to think too hard about it. That way, after it’s posted, you can go back to enjoying your time with your new spouse.

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