• 02/21/2023

7 Ways a Women’s Travel Group Can Add Value to Your Vacay


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Vacations are great, but people often forget to take their vacation time and do something fun with it. Only 32% of people in the United States use up all of their vacation days each year. Some people don’t like traveling alone, so they’re at the mercy of when others are able to take a vacation. Building a women’s travel group with your friends will enable you to experience some of the best vacations of your life while spending time with some of the people you love most.

1. You’ll Make Better Memories

Vacationing with women friends is great because you’ll understand one another. You and your friends will likely want the same things from a vacation together. If you all want pictures taken of yourselves, you have several friends there to take pictures for you. You’ll have photographs that you can store in your digital memories or a physical photo album for your bookshelf.

Plus, your favorite activities on vacation will probably overlap. You likely wouldn’t be traveling with friends if your interests didn’t align. When you’re in a women’s travel group, some of you may set off to do an active activity, while others may hang back and want to relax. You have endless options, and with your group, you’ll be able to do whatever you want and make the most of your vacation.

2. It’s All About Fun

When you go somewhere with your friends, you can feel less tension because the only stress you should have on you is what you’re going to do next with your group of friends. As you get older, maintaining friendships might seem more difficult with all of your conflicting schedules, but they’re well worth it. 

In adult friendships, you can build bonds and experience true joy, all while reducing stress from your daily life by spending time with people who enjoy your company. Now that all of you are adults, you shouldn’t have to deal with any of the petty drama you’d expect from teenagers or young adults — meaning you can focus on having fun during your vacation.

3. They’ll Give You New Perspectives

Do you go to the same people for all your problems? If you have a partner, they’ve probably heard many of your issues and helped you develop solutions. You may have also turned to your parents or other family members with some issues. Your friends are there to lend you a listening ear, too, and they may even offer advice that you haven’t heard before.

Since your friends likely come from all different backgrounds, they’ll be able to offer you a perspective you hadn’t considered. Looking at situations and issues in a different way can help you determine the best way to solve a problem. Plus, sometimes it’s just refreshing to talk to someone new about a topic weighing on your mind.

4. You’ll Have Someone To Talk To

A women’s travel group isn’t just about fun. They’re people who care about you and are sensitive to your feelings. Even when you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t be expected to be happy all the time. Acknowledging your feelings, whether positive or negative, is essential to your healing from anything that bothers you, and there’s no better way to acknowledge them than to talk them through with other people. If you travel alone, you may not have the same opportunity to have others talk you through any emotional pit you may experience.

5. You Might Try New Things

When you travel with other women, you know that you might be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone healthily. Traveling alone or with a partner allows you to be fully comfortable all the time, but your friends may push you into a greater challenge than your sweetheart might. You may try new food and find out that you like it, even if you thought it might not taste good. You could overcome your fear and try something like ziplining or walking a tightrope. Traveling isn’t fun without a little sense of adventure, and your friends can bring out the best in you.

6. Someone Will Understand You

Traveling alone can be hit or miss for many people. Sometimes, you just need a shoulder to lean on and someone to understand you. A women’s travel group is great to create because they’ll fully understand what you’re going through. 

For example, if you have horrible menstrual cramps, they’ll likely know just the thing to help you out and make sure easy activities are planned for you that day. If you’re on a journey to eat more healthy food, they’ll want to take you out to restaurants that support your new lifestyle. Your friends love you and want to understand you, so they will want to work with you toward your goals — which might be one of the best reasons to travel with a group.

7. You Won’t Travel Alone

Many people advocate for traveling alone at least once so you get to experience doing anything you want and being responsible only for yourself. Several people enjoy traveling alone more than in a group, but there are several benefits to traveling with a women’s travel group. You might find it safer when you’re with your friends rather than alone, but you might also have much more fun and be able to cherish every memory without feeling awkward on vacation. 

For as many people who like traveling alone, others like traveling with someone else. Traveling in a group offers you the best opportunities for fun, and you’ll be able to bond with friends you likely haven’t seen in a while. A group of women taking on a new place can be nothing but fun and exciting.

Build a Women’s Travel Group You Feel Comfortable With

Above all, you should feel comfortable when you travel. If you don’t feel comfortable traveling alone, you need to build your own women’s travel group that will help you connect with other people and experience new things. You’ll travel with people who are empathetic to your struggles and achievements, and you’ll feel safer traveling together and making fond memories. 

If you don’t have a group of your own, you can join established groups online and make friends out of a group of strangers. You never have to travel alone unless you want to — you can always have someone there to appreciate and understand you.

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