• 11/30/2022

Trendy Fall Hair Colors


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As the temperature begins to drop, low-maintenance colors take the spotlight. You may want to slightly update your hair to reflect the season change or completely go for a new look. Low-maintenance fall hair colors do not mean boring. There are many colors and variations to create a stunning fall look. 

When the seasons change, we tend to go towards darker and earthy hair tones. There is a demand for warmer blondes, dark roots and red hair tones. No matter what hair color you prefer, there is sure to be a tone to fit your style. Here is some inspiration for your new fall hair color. 

Chunky, Caramel Highlights 

If you have darker natural hair, caramel highlights could create a beautiful dimension between a caramel blonde and the natural darkness of your hair. You can adjust the intensity of the highlights depending on your natural hair color. It is a great way to brighten up your complexion since it is suitable for all skin tones and varies on your existing hair color. 

Deep Auburn

Red and copper shades are a common hair trend that will not be going away anytime soon. It is the perfect combination that shows warmth and depth. Plus, who doesn’t love a shade of red in the fall? The perfect auburn color will have a brown background with a deep copper effort over a shade that reads purple.

Bronde Blend

Whether you are an existing brunette or a blonde looking to go darker, bronde is the ultimate low-maintenance fall hair color. A bronde blend adds a beautiful dimension to your current color. You can get a balayage version to make it even more low-maintenance. When adding any color, take care of your hair with vitamins. They can keep your hair healthy and growing after getting it done. 

Mushroom Tones

A fall classic hair color is adding mushroom tones to your hair. It is a multi-dimensional shade that gives off earthy brown and gray like a Portobello mushroom. Those who have naturally dark hair tones work best with this look. It is a variation that keeps the hair healthy without over-lightening. The base of your hair should be an ashy brown to receive the best dimension from the hair color.

Soft Strawberry Blonde

If you are looking for a softer look, strawberry blonde hair might be your answer. It is a beautiful rose gold look that compliments the soft-inspired lifestyle. It is warm enough to go with lots of skin tones and eliminates any brassiness to show up in blonde hair. Ask your stylist to create a strawberry blonde tone to give you a soft change this fall.

Black Coffee

A dark brown is a perfect option if you are a brunette and want to go darker but not entirely black. It is slightly softer and easy to wear if you add dark brown to medium hair. If you do not want a completely solid color, use foils for a bit of dimension. This look will surely take your brown to the next level by giving it that black coffee color.

Try a New Fall Hair Color

Whether you are a blonde, brunette or somewhere in between, there is a beautiful fall hair color to suit you. Try getting out of your comfort zone and see if you might like something new this season. 

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