• 06/15/2020

Top 10 Sin Cities to Party With Your Girls


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Whether you’re in the process of planning a wild bachelorette weekend, a fun getaway with your friends or you simply want to celebrate, you might be at a loss of where to spend your partying hours. But fear not — there are so many sin cities where you and your friends can have a wild time and make memories that last a lifetime. You can find a sin city to get down to business near you, or jet-set somewhere fun with your pals! Here are ten of the best sin cities for you to get up to some trouble.

New York City

If you’re in the vicinity of the east coast, you probably have taken a trip or two to the Big Apple before, but if not, why not start in the city that never sleeps? Kick it in Brooklyn or head over to Manhattan for a night of dancing and going out on the town! There is so much to do in NYC that you’ll basically never get bored.

Las Vegas

Now for the original city of sin — Las Vegas. If you want to gamble a little, see some amazing shows and party in the glitz and glam, Vegas is the place to be for your getaway. This is definitely a city to party, so you’ll have fun no matter what you do.

Los Angeles

If you’re on the west coast or in southern California, Los Angeles is an easy option, and a fun one at that. Sure, there are tourist attractions to check out, but have a fun night seeing live music, dancing and getting boozy in the city of angels. In the daytime, you can even hit the beach for some sunshine.


If you love getting rustic and dancing around in the home of country music itself, why not get down and dirty in Nashville, Tennessee? Even though this might not be the place for clubbing, you can find a totally unique experience that will completely knock your socks off. 

New Orleans

If the south is where you’re headed, take a look at New Orleans for all of the wild and soulful fun. If you can make it down during Mardi Gras, you’re sure to have an amazing time. But even if you go on the off-season, there’s still plenty of trouble to get up to in this super-fun city. Make sure you take in all the delicious food, too!


If you want to get into trouble by the beach but California is on the opposite coast, have no fear, because Miami is here to host the party of your wildest dreams — literally. Aside from getting your party on at one of the many beaches, you can dance the night away and have a great time with your friends. Grab some fruity drinks and enjoy the heat!


Let’s not forget the midwest, because Chicago definitely knows how to party. From the nightlife to the live music to the unique shows and attractions, Chicago is a great place to end up if you’re looking for a good time. Plus, if you’re located in the midwest or you want to try out some colder temperatures, this is definitely the right city for you to get a little wild.


Philly has plenty of places for you to get down and dirty. Between the nightlife, the local music scene and hip bars all around town, you basically will never get bored in Philadelphia. Of course, there are plenty of daytime attractions, too, but you can have a great time all night long and find plenty of balance in your trip.


Heading back down south for a minute, Atlanta is the place to be for plenty of nightlife, fun and partying. Between amazing food, music and incredible places to dance and get a little boozy, Atlanta is one of the most fun cities in all of the south. 


Most people think of Portland, Oregon as the home of the hipster population, and while that’s definitely true, artisanal markets aren’t all this city has to offer. Portland is filled with nightlife, great food and some of the best music around. Check out some local shows and head out for some partying while the night is still young!

Sin Cities to Get Your Party On

No matter what kind of bash you’re throwing — or if you just want to party a little with your friends — there are so many awesome cities you can head to for a good time. Up and down both coasts, and all the way in the middle, there are so many fun things to do if you’re looking for some trouble. Just make sure you have fun and stay safe!

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