• 05/02/2022

Empowering Energies: Unlocking the Benefits of Obsidian Towers


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Do you need to bring some positive light into your life? Adding healing rocks to your space can help create a peaceful ambiance. Obsidian towers can help to ward off negative energy. Here is everything you need to know about them. 

What Are Obsidian Towers?

Obsidian is a strong psychic protective stone. It is known to provide a shield around your aura and help stabilize you. You can decorate with obsidian towers to incorporate positive energy into your home. Consider placing it in your bedroom or kitchen. Your workspace is another excellent place since it can boost your productivity. 

Once you have placed the stone, be sure to cleanse it and set your intentions. You can cleanse the crystal with smoke or wash it with water. Then hold it and set an intention you want the crystal to help you with. This may include letting go of past hurt or being kind even under pressure. 

What Are Obsidian Towers Made From? 

Obsidian is a natural rock formed by the rapid cooling of volcanoes. It is rich in silica and low in water content. The stone has a glossy texture and is slightly harder than window glass. It is primarily black but also comes in other shades, such as gray.

The Benefits of Obsidian Towers 

If you’re looking for emotional healing, these obsidian towers can provide relief. Here are some of the main benefits of the stone. 

1. Blocking and Absorbing Negative Energy 

With everyday stressors, such as work, it can be easy to become consumed by negative emotions. Staying in this headspace for too long can lead to anxiety or depression. These lead to physical symptoms, which can interfere with your daily activities. Stress can even cause long-term issues, like heart disease or stomach problems. 

Therefore, an obsidian tower can help block your negative feelings. With a sense of calmness, you can be more productive and take on the day positively. 

2. Clears Mental Confusion

By blocking out feelings of anxiety and fear, you will be in a better headspace. Having a clear mind is essential for making the best decisions. Also, it allows you to focus on your current tasks. 

Many times anxiety can circle in our head, causing distractions. This negative cycle can make it harder to sleep at night or even be present in the moment. 

So, placing an obsidian tower by your bed can allow you to rest more peacefully. You can also put one in your office space to improve your performance and stay focused. 

3. Heals Emotional Baggage and Traumas 

By helping to remove negative emotions, you can deal with past traumas. Letting go of these emotions will start the healing process. When we carry around mental baggage, it can feel like we’re holding a literal bag. 

These emotions can also have an impact on your daily life. They can cause you to stay stuck in old habitats. Also, they may interfere with your goals and ambitions. Plus, trauma can mess up your relationships and joy in life. It’s harder to have romantic relationships if you’re still holding onto past hurt. 

Therefore, the obsidian tower can be the perfect design element for your space. It can provide you peace while looking aesthetically pleasing to your guests. Also, it’s an excellent gift for any of your friends dealing with emotional issues. 

4. Draws Out Mental Stress

Releasing stress is essential for our mental and physical health. Yet, many people tend to bottle up their feelings. With busy schedules, it’s easier to just push through the day. However, finding effective ways to manage stress will make you more resilient. 

But, not dealing with these feelings leads to long-term health issues. It can also impact social aspects, such as your relationships or job performance. 

The benefit of the obsidian tower is that it will draw out your stress and absorb negative emotions. Then they won’t build up inside.  

5. It Promotes Compassion

Obsidian draws out the negativity, allowing a feeling of peacefulness. With a clearer mindset, you can embrace others and offer support. Also, with less mental stress, you’re better able to focus on other people’s problems. Being compassionate is necessary to form meaningful relationships. So, place the obsidian tower in the kitchen to spread positivity to your family. 

6. It Protects Against Psychic Attacks 

A psychic attack is when someone sends you negative energy. It can happen when someone wishes ill will toward you. You may be experiencing this if you have ongoing negative emotions or a streak of bad luck. 

Yet, someone can unconsciously or consciously cause an attack. Some people think negative thoughts about you through jealousy or anger. So, the obsidian tower can help ward off this bad energy.

7. It Reduces Joint Pain and Cramps 

The obsidian tower can help with physical stress as well. By putting you in a positive mood, it can help you manage pain more easily. Obsidian can be helpful for those with arthritis who experience consistent joint pain. 

The Healing Powers of Obsidian 

With the stresses of 2020, we could all use some positive vibes. Obsidian towers can help block negative energy and promote clarity. So, if you need new decor for your space, consider picking up one today. 

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