• 04/22/2022

Spiritual Properties of Volcanic Quartz and How It Improves Your Wellness

Spiritual Properties of Volcanic Quartz and How It Improves Your Wellness

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Wellness guides often focus on traditional crystals that look like jewels, but they mistakenly leave out volcanic quartz. It’s technically a gemstone, even though people might mistake it for a rock. It can enhance your wellness through its spiritual properties, so check out how this quartz is powerful enough to provide peace and long-lasting positive energy.

What Is Volcanic Quartz?

Volcanic quartz is also known as lava rock or lava stone. It’s a naturally occurring gemstone that appears all over the earth. If a volcano once erupted, people can find this quartz around the site of the pyroclastic flow. 

How Does Volcanic Quartz Form?

You might think that volcanic quartz begins forming inside an active volcano, but it actually forms after a volcanic eruption. When magma spreads over the earth’s crust, it cools into a solid rock that’s different from its viscous form. Scientists call that form lava.

After lava cools completely, people can chip away at the solid rock left behind. It’s porous from the bubbles that form in lava flows and fine-grained because it began with intense heat. Lava stone can also come in various colors, depending on the lava’s chemical composition and the environment in which it becomes a solid matter.

What Are Spiritual Properties of Volcanic Quartz?

There are a few spiritual properties to volcanic quartz that people have noted throughout the centuries. See if it could provide the benefits you’re looking for when expanding your crystal collection.

It Grounds Your Spirit

Because volcanic quartz begins deep in the earth and cools into a rock form, it’s an incredibly grounding gemstone. If your spirit feels untethered or your emotions become scattered, this quartz may restore the peace you’ve lost.

It Dissipates Anger

Anger is a harmful emotion that can eat away at your spirit. Surround yourself with volcanic quartz to take your emotional power back. It may help you experience a spiritual release, which then requires self-care activities like meditation or a hot bath to settle your inner self.

It Multiplies Positive Energy

Volcanic quartz makes positive energy more apparent because it banishes the manifestation of negativity like anger. Amplify that positivity with this gemstone to conquer stressful situations like burnout and prevent them from recurring. 

How to Use Lava Stones

Would volcanic quartz help your wellness journey? These are a few ways to add it to your daily routine without requiring more of your time or energy.

Wear Them as Jewelry

Lava stones often appear as jewelry in stores dedicated to spiritual wellness and crystals. Look for the dark quartz in beaded bracelets or earrings and wear them daily to surround yourself with powerful spiritual energy.

Hang Them as Decor

When you’re decorating your living space, you deserve to make it your own through specialized decor. Volcanic quartz can add to that vibe by sitting on bookshelves or becoming the centerpiece on your dining room table. It’s especially useful in any room where you feel stressed or upset because of its spiritual properties.

Use Them With Essential Oils

Volcanic rock is porous, so there will be numerous pockets in this gemstone if you find one that’s in its natural state. Fill a small bowl or display stand with lava rock and pour diluted essential oil over it. The oil will fill the room with a lovely fragrance while adding another layer of peace to the essence emitting from the volcanic quartz.

Best Crystals to Pair It With

You can also make your lava rocks more potent by combining them with these notable crystals. They’ll work alongside each other to make your life more enjoyable.

Amethyst: Reduces Anxiety

Crystal gurus place amethyst stones in areas where they feel most anxious. When you set this gemstone next to volcanic quartz, you’ll deplete that negative energy twice as fast.

Moonstone: Banishes Stress

Moonstone is another crystal that chases away stress. You could wear it alongside your lava stone jewelry if you’re unsure about what’s causing your most common frustrations — anxiety or stress.

Labradorite: Encourages Spiritual Rebirth

Labradorite can assist your spiritual rebirth when the desire for change washes over you. It’s an excellent tool to have by your side during changing phases of your life, primarily if volcanic quartz supports it by amplifying positive energy.

Tiger’s Eye: Protection from Negative Energy

Even though your lava rock will make positivity more apparent in your everyday life, negativity can still try to invade your peace of mind. Tiger’s eye gemstones form a shield against any energy that might bring you down from your restored wellbeing. 

Start Using Volcanic Quartz Today

If you’re looking to expand your crystal collection, volcanic quartz will make an excellent addition. You’ll get more peace of mind and feel less anxious by wearing it as jewelry or using it around your home. Combine it with other powerful crystals and your spiritual wellbeing will ascend to a new level.

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