• 05/06/2023

Manifestation Affirmations for Beginners

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People often say that if you want to improve your life, you have to start looking on the bright side. If that feels impossible, start changing your life one day at a time with manifestation affirmations. Check out this guide to learn a few that might bring your dreams to life if you practice them with intention.

What Are Manifestation Affirmations?

Manifesting is naming what you want and releasing your intentions into the universe. You also have to take actionable steps to turn your energy into progress.

Affirmations work well when paired alongside manifesting. They’re short, positive statements supporting your dreams and encouraging you while you work toward your goals.

Best Affirmations for Manifesting

Consider repeating these affirmations if you want to start manifesting. They’ll put you in the right frame of mind and restore your energy as you chase your dreams.

I Lead My Life With Love and Joy

It’s much easier to stay motivated if your mind stays positive. Repeating an affirmation like this reminds you to demonstrate love and joy in everything you do. When you create positivity, you’ll manifest instinctive positivity that appears without reminders or effort.

I Can Acknowledge, Feel and Release Negative Emotions

You could unknowingly have a negative soul contract if you carry a powerful grudge or hold onto negative feelings. You might also have negativity dwelling in your heart if you repress emotions to focus on moving forward.

A manifestation affirmation that empowers you to process negative emotions will teach you to recognize and release them. When they no longer sit with you, you’ll gain self-confidence that helps you chase your goals.

Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone Is Empowering

Your comfort zone is your brain’s way of protecting you, but that can also hold you back. Reframe your perspective by manifesting slightly uncomfortable experiences as empowering moments. As long as you’re not in potentially dangerous situations, you’ll grow from this manifestation.

I Believe in Myself

Cheering yourself on is hard when you’re not rooting for yourself. Repeat this manifestation affirmation to defeat the doubt keeping you from your dreams.

If the doubt continues even after repeating this manifestation for a while, consider where the doubt comes from. Do you need to focus on sharpening specific skills? Should you process parts of your past that damaged your self-esteem? Focusing on the solutions to whatever comes up during introspective moments could be the best thing for your journey. Your affirmations will still be there once you can be your biggest believer.

I Am Worthy of My Dreams

Sometimes people don’t make active strides toward their goals because they don’t believe they deserve them. Reflect on that by answering introspective journal prompts that identify where your self-worth stands. You can repeat this daily affirmation to build your confidence, which might be what you need to see the change you’re seeking.

I Can Rewrite My Story

Life isn’t always in your control. It might feel like others have made decisions about your life without your knowledge or consent. Try manifesting more confidence in your own power by reclaiming your right to control your life’s narrative. You might make decisions or life changes more easily because you feel in charge.

I’m Grateful for the Progress I’ve Already Made

When you’re always looking forward to your next goal, you’re not leaving time to reflect on your accomplishments. That’s crucial to building the self-esteem you’ll need to achieve new goals.

Repeat this daily affirmation to practice being grateful for your accomplishments. Once you learn to recognize the incredible strides you’ve taken in the past, you’ll actively recognize them in the present and feel motivated to keep going.

I’m Always Ready to Learn

Growth can’t happen if your mind stays closed. It also can’t happen if you don’t believe in your ability to learn new information. Manifest your ability to stay humble and live a learning lifestyle by repeating this affirmation. You never know what you might miss if you assume you already know how to manifest your dreams.

3 Ways to Practice Manifesting

Once you know which manifestation affirmations align with your self-growth journey, you can use these ideas to practice them daily. See which options are best for you and your schedule to manifest in the most practical ways possible.

Keep a Journal

Journals are powerful tools for anyone who wants to start manifesting. It takes time and intention to write your thoughts on paper. You’re committing to remembering your thoughts, which is essential for manifestation.

Write whatever affirmations feel most true to your journey. Record how they make you feel and what you hope to do with their help. Whether you write daily or weekly journal entries, you’ll quickly gain reference points to reflect on how far you’ve come.

Repeat Affirmations While Meditating

Many people practice their manifestation affirmations while they meditate. Find a quiet place to be by yourself. You could choose your bathroom, a supply closet at work or your parked car. Release your thoughts to empty your mind while taking slow, deep breaths. You should feel your heart rate slow and your muscles relax as tension seeps from them.

When you’re in a relaxed physical state with no worries on your mind, start repeating your chosen affirmations. They’ll hold more motivational power because you’re focusing on them. 

Create Visual Reminders

Repeating your manifestation affirmations once a day might not be enough for you. You could need more help pulling yourself out of a negative headspace on your journey to success.

If that’s the case, make visual reminders and place them where you’ll see them throughout the day. Writing your affirmations on sticky notes and taping them to your computer monitor at work could keep them present in your mind. You could also make a dream board and write your affirmations there. It would fit right in with your home office decor or living room decorations, depending on where you spend the most time. 

Try Daily Manifestation Affirmations

You’ll find the best manifestation affirmations by identifying the next goal or dream you want to come true. Find affirmations that align with that dream and repeat them daily stay focused. The positivity will encourage you while your self-confidence grows stronger each day.

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