• 02/13/2023

How to Use Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide

how to use crystals

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As you’re diving into wellness and natural healing, you might be interested in learning how to use crystals. They’re a fantastic source of good vibes that can help you feel better with their properties. But how do you go about using them?

Here is a look at how to use crystals for beginners of this beautiful practice. Learn more about what these incredible things can do, their properties and how to make the most of them.

Getting Started: What Do Crystals Do?

As their name suggests, healing crystals heal. They can help balance the energies in your body, influencing your mood or warding off negativity. Both of these aspects could make you feel more energized, confident, or at peace.

Each shape, texture, and color can have an effect on what the gem does. For example, you might find the impact of some crystals more powerful in times when Seasonal Affective Disorder returns to your life. Citrine and topaz are bright, sunshine-like stones that can assist you in the colder months.

Additionally, others can improve things like memory. Garnets, rubies, and carnelians — the red crystals — could improve memory while they’re around. Along with helping your focus, these stones are record-keepers, meaning these crystals are excellent at retaining information.

So, what do crystals do? That depends on what properties the ones you plan to have and use. While you’re shopping for stones and one starts to call to you, take a look at what it can do and ask yourself why you might need help in that aspect of your life.

Ways to Start Using Crystals

How to use crystals can vary depending on which ones you have. Some will benefit from different kinds of use, while others are essential to not use in the same ways. Here are a few ways to incorporate some healing gems into your life.

1. In Sleep

One passive way to start healing with stones is to sleep with them. By simply placing a few amethysts under your pillow or inside the case, you can sleep soundly and ward away nightmares. You could even place them by the window so they can access moonlight throughout the night.

2. With Meditation

Meditating with crystals is an all-purpose way to start accessing their healing properties. You can use them as in-depth or as casually as you want. Some hold them in their hands as they meditate, while others place them along their chakras.

You could even make a crystal grid if you’d prefer to keep them off your body. Whichever way you choose, centering yourself amongst the stones’ energies is a fantastic way to use them.

3. As Decoration

Another easy way to receive the benefits of your stones is by placing them around your room. While they might not be as close as in your bed, spreading their energy around could help distribute their properties evenly. From protection to relationships, decorating your home with crystals has a lot of potential for bringing you what you need.

4. During Bathing

If you want to use gems to wind down at the end of the night, try adding them in a bath or shower. This does take some more caution since the temperature change can cause them to crack or break.

Even more importantly, some could contain aluminum or sulfur — these crystals should never touch the water. Do your research on if the ones you plan to use are safe for this purpose.

5. In Your Wallet

You can carry the same gems you keep around your room in your wallet or purse to keep their strength with you. Some can also attract money, helping you shape your goals and manifest prosperity. Whatever your reason for carrying them, having crystals with you as you go about the day can be a very positive experience.

How to Use Crystals in Your Life

There are plenty of ways to start incorporating these helpful little gems into your daily routine. If you’re a beginner, you can use these five quick methods to experience their beneficial properties. How to use crystals is up to you and how you feel when you work with them.

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